Top 5 List – The Best Unregulated Box Mods on the Market

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If you've entered this article, that means you've gone a step above in your vaping career.

Knowing when it's time to move on from your standard pod systems and e-pens to something more advanced is a clear indicator that you're in the right place. However, unregulated mods differ a bunch from regulated mods due to chipsets and safeguards.

Over the years, unregulated mods have become a more generalized term for all vapes that help you exceed the built-in limitations.

In this case, we'll go present to you our search for the best unregulated box mods and give you some information about these powerful devices as well.

Stay tuned and make sure to check our buyer's guide.

Best Unregulated Mods Compared - Individual Characteristics

Before we rush off to tell you all about the fantastic products that we've found, here's an overview list of some of their main features and characteristics.


Battery Source

Watt/Volt Output Range

Dual High-Amp 18650 Batteries

1-228 W

Single High-Amp 18650 Battery

3.3-4.2 V

Single or Dual High-Amp 21700 Battery Setup

1-100 W

Single 18650/20700/21700 Battery


Dual 18650 Batteries

1-200 W

Best Unregulated Box Mods Money Can Buy: My Top 5 Favorites

Rincoe MECHMAN 228W BOX MOD - Comprehensive TC Suite
  • Battery: 18650
  • Wattage/Voltage Output Range: 1-228 W

Are you searching for impressive specifications and a box mod that will satisfy your every need? If so, the Rincoe Mechman 228W Box Mod must be the right pick for you!

As time passed, the term "unregulated" changed, and now it encompasses more than just devices that have no safety features whatsoever, and some even come with safeguards to protect you at high wattages. This device can output as much as 228 watts per hit if the battery is fully charged, which is outstanding.

Furthermore, you should know that this box mod's raw power comes from a dual setup of 18650 batteries. When it comes to resistance, you'll work your way around it in two situations - when you're using this mod in variable wattage and temperature control mode.

The resistance range is set between 0.08 and 5.0 ohms in variable wattage and 0.05 and 3.5 ohms in temperature control mode, meaning you'll practice sub-ohm vaping at high wattages with customized temperature.

There's no explaining the beauty of this box mod in terms of design until you see it. It's made out of high-quality materials, zinc-aluminum alloy, and it has various design patterns with flags, camouflage, and more.

All in all, if you were to opt-out for this box mod, you'd be set for years to come with unregulated power.

  • High maximum wattage
  • TC and VW mode
  • Sub-ohm vaping
  • Design
  • /

asMODus PUMPER-18 SQUONK BOX MOD - Sophisticated
  • Battery: 18650
  • Wattage/Voltage Output Range: 3.3-4.2 V

Next up is an unregulated squonker with a design that you'll undoubtedly cherish. Here's the Asmodus Pumper-18 Squonk Box Mod.

When it comes to squonkers in general, vapers love them because they give them the opportunity to feel more potent hits when the e-juice is fed directly to the atomizer. The equation for a good squonker is simple - good battery life plus a large squonk bottle equals one of the best unregulated box mods on the market.

This box mod is powered by a 18650 battery, which is not included, and when you feed it with e-juice, you can set the voltage output in the range of 3.3 to 4.2 volts.

In terms of design, the manufacturers made their presence known. When you put this device on display, you can see why it's so appealing - it's made out of stabilized wood inlay and an aluminum frame, and the surface with wallpaper-like schemes.

Also, this box mod has a couple of safety regulations as well - including the atomizer, overheat, and work overtime protection. Other than that, all customizations will depend entirely on you and your preferences.

The only flaw we could tell is that the pumper has some issues when it's used too much, but this device comes with a warranty, so you can contact customer service if you end up with some errors.

Other than that, it's a well-designed squonker with performance off the charts.

  • Squonker power
  • Stabilized wood inlay/build
  • Price
  • A couple of safety regulations
  • Pumper issues

  • Battery: 21700
  • Wattage/Voltage Output Range: 1-100 W

As we said, unregulated box mods have come a long way, and some of them even integrate chipsets that limit the power just enough since technological advances have come a long way. The Wismec Luxotic Box 100W Squonk Mod is one of those unregulated mods.

What makes this Wismec box mod unique is not only the experience you'll get from having a 2-in-1 squonker, but it's also the raw battery power. You'll find slots for single or dual 21700 batteries behind a magnetic door, but you can also opt-out to use a single 18650 or even dual 18650 batteries.

This type of versatility will enable you to experiment with wattage and voltage output and find out what exactly suits your vaping style. Furthermore, you can pick if you want to vape direct output or variable wattage style. Either way, you're in for a special treat.

The wattage output range rests between 1 and 100 watts, which is more than sufficient when you factor in the power you'll get from a dual set of batteries. All the information regarding the mod's processes will be relayed back to you over the 0.91-inch display at the front.

The only thing we've noticed that might be a deal-breaker for you is the temperature control suite. It does feature protection for dry hits, but they usually come weak.

Other than that, you'll get the ultimate vaping experience with this unregulated box mod.

  • 7 mL squonk bottle
  • Battery source
  • An optional single battery mod
  • Direct output/VW
  • Temperature control suite

THC Tauren Mech MOD - Best Unregulated Mech Mod
  • Battery:18650/20700/21700
  • Wattage/Voltage Output Range:N/A

Up next is a box-like mechanical mod that many vapers have probably heard of due to its impressive specifications and appeal. Here's the THC Tauren Mech Mod.

Firstly, this mechanical mod can support either a single 18650 or 20700/21700 battery, which gives it the versatility to experiment with different modes of output.

It also features a ball-like fire button at the top that gives you an instant hit full of flavor. By bypassing the limits that a regulated mod would generally have, you'll have direct power output from the battery to the atomizer.

Design is also one of the best characteristics of this mechanical mod. It has a soft finish, luxurious details, the "TAUREN" logo imprinted on the front, and it's made out of high-quality materials as well. It comes with many different color schemes, one of the best being the Brass Lava.

The only thing that may be bothersome is the overall price when you compare it with some of the best unregulated box mods on the market. However, when you consider the type of quality you'll get from a device like this one, it's a good deal.

  • Beautiful design
  • Performance
  • Quality materials
  • Battery versatility
  • Overall price

WISMEC LUXOTIC Box 200W BOX MOD - Resistance Range
  • Battery: 18650
  • Wattage/Voltage Output Range: 1-200 W

Finally, we have one more product to show you, and it's the phenomenal Wismec Luxotic Box 200W Box Mod.

It's another unregulated squonk box mod whose power capacity will astound you. When the battery is fully charged, you'll get a maximum of 200 watts of strength, and when you combine that with the 7 mL squonk capacity, you get one heck of a product.

The device runs on dual 18650 batteries, which give it more than enough juice to keep going. The juice is fed directly to the atomizer, and when the coils are dripped in e-liquid, you'll get powerful hits.

Also, the resistance range for this device is set between 0.05 and 3.0 ohms, meaning you can build your coils to make a powerful and full experience each time you vape. It does come with a bit of protection, like the overcharge and over-discharge protection.

The design is quite simplistic - it comes in black, blue, and white color schemes, and it has a zinc-alloy construction. If it wasn't for the lack of demand and some customers' verified reviews, this device would've gotten a higher place on our list.

Still, it's one of the best unregulated series box mods.

  • Resistance range
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Dual 18650 batteries
  • 7 mL squonk bottle
  • Not a popular choice

Find the Right Unregulated Box Mod for You! - Buyer's Guide

If you want to buy the best unregulated box mod the market has to offer, the first thing you should think about is getting the right info about what these devices are, how they function, and what you should pay attention to.

Let's dig in!

1. Unregulated Vape Mods - What Are They?

best mosfet for unregulated box mod

In general terms, we can classify unregulated and regulated mods.

Regulated mods use chipsets and safety features to transform the electricity into vapor by feeding the atomizer with energy. Since the laws of electricity are convoluted, many safety controls protect both you and the device in case of a mishap.

However, unregulated devices function a bit differently.

They utilize the raw strength that comes from the battery to feed the RDA's without any limitations directly. Nowadays, even the best unregulated mods come with some safety features, but they still travel in all that strength.

Also, bear in mind that it's important what type of battery setup you have. If you're packing a dual battery setup, you can use two configuration types - series battery configuration and parallel battery configuration.

The first one will give you a smaller voltage and maximum continuous discharge rating, while the latter will have a larger voltage, but the discharge will be equivalent to the CDR of a single battery.

2. What Kinds of Unregulated Mods Are There?

As time passed, the term "unregulated" became synonymous with many devices, not just vape mech mods. Nowadays, certain squonks, high-output mods, and even chipset mods have found their way to the unregulated territory.

In this list, we've narrowed our focus to unregulated box mods, which often house multiple batteries and therefore have high energy at their disposal. Still, you'll find occasional box-like or tube mods to be the best unregulated mods, such as the THC Tauren Mech Mod.

Some of the pros of having an unregulated mod besides a box-shaped vape are the compactness and the ease of using them. However, the cons often lie in the fact that they are completely unprotected and require advanced knowledge of the laws of electricity.

3. Build or Buy?

best coil for unregulated box mod

In essence, the best advice would be to buy a decent unregulated mod from a verified seller

Building your own mod does come with some perks, but it requires an abundance of knowledge and research, and even then, it's dangerous

However, it does enable you to craft a mod according to your needs and requirements, but when you factor in the price and the time you'll put into it - it's not worth it.

4. How to Build an Unregulated Box Mod?

If you're looking to make something that will get you a bit more strength than your average regulated mod, we recommend trying to build the dual 18650 battery unregulated mod.

In essence, you'll need a couple of critical components - a box, double battery sled, a 510 connector to screw on the atomizers, a stainless steel fire switch, and the best MOSFET for unregulated box mod for high-amp limits.

Of course, you'll need some additional equipment, such as magnets, wiring, resistors, pins, and screws, but other than that, it'll be all you'll need.

Since the entire process requires research and excellent knowledge of electricity, we recommend listening to Find My Vapes tutorials on the specifications of building this mod.

5. How to Build A Regulated Box Mod?

Building a regulated mod is a similar process to the previous one, except you'll need some extra knowledge on the use of chipsets and drilling mechanics.

When you drill the holes for your 510 connectors and the master on/off switch, you'll have to wire the chipset with the battery and the RDA while following the electricity rules and making sure not to fry yourself.

We recommend watching this tutorial to find out more about the mechanics.

Best for

Product Name


Comprehensive TC Suite

Rincoe Mechman 228W Box Mod


Asmodus Pumper-18 Squonk Box Mod

Battery Power

Wismec Luxotic Box 100W Squonk Mod

Best Unregulated Mech Mod

THC Tauren Mech MOD

Resistance Range

Wismec Luxotic Box 200W Box Mod

Final Thoughts - Summary

As you can see, there are many popular choices when it comes to unregulated box mods, such as mech mods, tube mods, squonks, and more. However, we have to pick a winner that takes the title of the best, and that is the Rincoe Mechman 228W Box Mod.

This mech mod dominates the market with its high watts discharge, enormous electrical potency, and beautiful design. It has both TC and VW mode, an excellent temperature suite, and a resistance range low enough to support sub-ohm vaping sessions.

If you're looking for a tube box mod, we highly recommend you give the THC Tauren Mech Mod a shot. It's deemed as one of the best mechanical mods on the market due to its raw strength and beautiful design that charms its users.

In fact, each vape on this list will be more than enough to satisfy your vaping needs as they are undoubtedly vapers' heaven.

Don't waste the opportunity to give yourself unforgettable vaping moments with the best box mods unregulated vapes!