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Being a smoker carries a lot of baggage - an unpleasant smell, financial deficits, and above all, health risks. However, there is still an abundance of smokers out there that can not give up those nicotine sticks that easily. It's deeply embedded in our culture, and they are highly addictive.

This is where electronic cigarettes come in handy, especially cigalikes. If you haven't heard of them, we'll cover them in detail below, but as for now, all you should know is that they are an affordable brand of e-cigarettes that mimic real ones in shape and use. But most of all, they carry lower health risks and are so easy to use that you'll forget you're not smoking a real one.

Without further ado, let's dive in the best cigalikes reviews and find out which one dominates the market right now.

Top 6 Cigalikes For You and All Their Features - Reviews

After carefully observing and using some of the electronic cigarettes on this list, we've boiled down our list of favorites to the top three. Make sure to check them out if you're looking for a quick fix!

Best for

Product Name


Best Choices

Mig 21 Clear Fusion Vape Pen

Fully Loaded Kit

Mig Cig e-Cig Bundle with Disposable Cartridges


Mig Cig Standard PLUS e-Cig Bundle

Cigalike Pod

SMOK SLM Slim Thick Vapor Kit

Beginner Starter Kit

Joyetech eRoll Mac Pen Kit 180mAh



Mig 21 Clear Fusion Vape Pen - V2 Cigs Compatible - Style

After you finish reading this review, you'll be glad you didn't waste time scouring the web in search of the best. This review will be enough to convince you that this is the best cig-a-like currently on the market. Take a look at the Mig 21 Clear Fusion Vape Pen - V2 Cigs Compatible.

Unlike disposable vapes, this item has a refillable fusion tank that offers you the ability to put the juice of your choosing inside. Whether it's a classic tobacco flavor or sleek vanilla, you'll feel the strength kicking you in the throat.

Thanks to its 380 mAh batteries, this cigalike can push around 4.2 volts of power to supply you with the vapor. This type of lithium-ion batteries can last you for several days, even up for a week, until it's time to charge again. You'll get a standard wall adapter and a USB cable to charge this pen, and it takes roughly one to two hours.

Speaking of batteries, what makes this cigalike special is the matching style you can achieve by combining your pen and the battery in a specific color. Whichever pen you choose, you can find a matching battery in an abundance of styles - ranging from black and white to metal rainbow ones.

It also has its carry case with the package, and if you choose to get it, you'll also get a discount on a 30 mL e-liquid container. However, the carry case seems redundant due to its portability and compactness. The design and the similarity of a standard cigarette enable you to carry it with you in all situations!

All in all, it's the best out there!

  • Design and style
  • Matching batteries
  • Refillable fusion tank
  • Carry case
  • /

Mig Cig e-Cig Bundle with Disposable Cartridges - Fully Loaded Kit

Having a cigalike can often mean a lot of expenses. Battery life is the frequent culprit, so next to a great throat hit, you need an e-cig pen with an abundance of accessories to accompany it. This is where the Mig Cig e-Cig Bundle with Disposable Cartridges comes into play.

This bundle has it all. First of all, the batteries for this electronic cigarette are the most significant hit - there are four of them, with two being Mig Cig's Super Power Vapor batteries. They ensure consistency with their 4.2 V outputs, and it does not decrease with each throat hit.

Next off, the vapor production is through the roof. Thanks to the powerful pre-filled cartridges, you'll smoke with no interruptions or fighting for your breath. They utilize an authentic atomizer technology to unleash the potential behind the flavors and the after-taste.

Maybe it's a bit pricy when you take a look at it at first, but when you see all these additions, plus the twenty cartridges you'll get with the package, it's no wonder. You'll also receive two USB chargers with cables and a convenient charger for your car when you're on the go.

There's no mistaking it with this bundle. Moreover, Mig Cig's customer service is terrific and will replace any of the malfunctioning parts in a matter of days. For all the amateurs out there, this is a fantastic starter kit.

  • The abundance of accessories
  • Powerful batteries
  • Additional cartridges
  • Authentic atomizer technology
  • Overall price

Mig Cig Standard PLUS e-Cig Bundle - Reliable

As there are many competitor products on the market, this item's worth comes in the form of reliability. It has no more and no fewer items you'll need, and the consistency of the individual features will not disappoint. We present to you the Mig Cig Standard PLUS e-Cig Bundle.

Compared to the previous kit, this one does seem a bit smaller in size and the number of accessories. Even though that's true, all the items are necessities.

This time, you'll get ten Mig Cig cartridges that can be used one time and then discarded. Their size and design will ensure the full effects of the pen and flavors. Also, this time you'll get two standard-size cigalike batteries and one Mig Cig Super battery - three in total.

However, it's the same tale as with the previous electronic cigarette - the 4.2 V output is consistent and will not fail with each hit. Furthermore, next to free shipping, you'll also receive a standard wall charger and a USB charger.

It was a tough choice to put this product in third place due to its popularity among the customers when compared to the second one. And although it has significantly fewer items in the bundle, it still serves as a faithful companion as it is a perfect starter kit for all smokers that are just trying out Mig Cig.

Overall, the draw is excellent, vapor production resembles a premium product, and the juice gets through with ease. In essence, it has all that you need for an extraordinary vaping session - rights reserved to Mig Cig.

  • Reliability
  • Ten pre-filled cigalike cartridges
  • Vapor production
  • Easy to use
  • Lack of accessories compared with the price
  • The batteries go from full power fast

SMOK SLM Slim Thick Vapor Kit - Cigalike Pod

In your search for the best available cigalike on the market, you'll run into products like these pods that function essentially as a cigalike. They are easy to use and excellent for beginners. We give you the SMOK SLM Slim Thick Vapor Kit.

Why is this an excellent starter kit alternative for beginner vapers? First off, it's easy to use - there's no buttons, complicated instructions, or unnecessary buttons. It's an air-activated pod, meaning that all you have to do is put it to your mouth and inhale, simple as that.

Since it's a small and compact device, the battery is not that large - it's supported by 250 mAh. However, since the size is relatively small, this amount of power will be enough to last you for days. Also, thanks to its intelligent LED lighting, you'll be able to track the progress of the cigalike battery as it'll notify you when it's running out.

When it comes to the e-liquid, this cigalike refillable properties will enable you to put the e-liquid in by simply sliding in the container in the designated spot after removing the rubber protection. Due to its size, it's recommended to use e-liquids that SMOK SLM sells and not the competitor ones.

All the characteristics aside, this pod will supply you with excellent output wattage, 10 to 16 W, voltage, 3.3 to 4.2 V, and of course, a fantastic vapor production. The downside is that this e-cigarette does not come with pre-filled cartridges, and you'll have to buy them individually. Aside from that, it's one of the best out there.

  • Excellent starter kit
  • An air-activated e-cigarette
  • Easy to use
  • Good battery life
  • Containers are not filled with e-liquids pre-purchase
  • No accessories (wall adapter)

Joyetech eRoll Mac Pen Kit 180mAh - Beginner Starter Kit

With its beautiful design and compact size, this device has won the hearts of many. We present to you the Joyetech eRoll Mac Pen Kit 180mAh.

Upon inspecting it at first, you'll quickly notice that the specifications are not that exquisite. That's because this e-cigarette belongs to the lineup of starter packs for people just getting into the world of vaping. Nevertheless, this does not diminish its value.

Thanks to its 180 mAh integrated battery and healthy battery life due to the relation with its size, this brand of electronic cigarettes can give you days of vaping. When you combine that with a continuous 3.7 V output with each puff and an 11 W maximum wattage, you get the combination of greatness.

Truth be told, some of the previous devices are better in specs, but the portability of this e-cigarette compensates for its lack in numbers. Furthermore, you can use nic-salt e-liquids with this e-cigarette.

Yet again, the problem arises in its lack of pre-filled cartridges. However, you can buy e-liquids from their website and choose a flavor that suits your needs the best. There are plenty to choose from!

Also, you'll receive a warranty card and an eRoll Mac charging cable customized to suit your preferences. Due to its cigarette-like features, it is one of the customer favorites, and many new-comers find this starter kit to be one of the best ones out there.

  • Battery life to size ratio
  • Portability
  • Nic-salt e-liquid
  • No pre-filled cartridges with e-liquid


Finally, we've reached the conclusion of our list, and we're finishing with a reliable e-cigarette that's been a common name in the industry for as long as this trend exists. We present to you the ECO MENTHOL E-CIGARETTE 12-PACK.

What most vapers adore about this brand of e-cigarettes is the smoothness of the vape. Thanks to the soft filter and the Flow technology, each puff carries a rich aroma of sleekness and intensity.

Moreover, these electronic cigarettes are eco-friendly, meaning that they are constructed out of safe-grade materials that are not harmful.

What adds to the appeal of this e-cigarette is not only the design and the appearance of a standard tobacco cigarette but the packaging itself. It features a True Nicotine label, which is familiar to all smokers. However, there you can find information about the e-liquid strength, such as the nicotine levels that range from 2.4% to non-nicotine.

You'll also be amazed by its compactness. It weighs approximately 10 grams, but it contains around 500 puffs on average, depending on your physical constitution. As for the use, take it out of the pack and start vaping - no buttons or controls are necessary to engage fully.

The scent of menthol and the spearmint undertone is quite refreshing, and it's deemed as one of the best menthol cigalikes on the market right now.

  • Best menthol flavor cig-a-likes
  • Eco-friendly
  • Compactness
  • Smoothness
  • Simplicity

What Can Enhance You Vaping Experience - Buyer's Guide

As we've come to learn more about cig-a-likes and their individual properties from the most accomplished manufacturers out there, let's dive in and see what features you should look for and how to make the combination of both price and quality.

Stay tuned!

1. Battery Life

best gas station cigalikes

As witnessed earlier, battery life is probably the most crucial aspect to pay attention to when it comes to e-cigarettes. No matter the device, e-liquid will always run out, and you'll have to find your rhythm and tempo of going through it and figuring out when it's time to change it.

However, not the same rules apply for batteries. In essence, you can choose between having a large and robust device that will have large batteries. Still, due to its specifications, it will waste energy as a regular-sized e-cigarette, or you can get a smaller one with a lower wattage output and still maintain that same levels through a smaller battery.

Overall, it's best to start simple, go for the e-cigarettes like ECO MENTHOL E-CIGARETTE 12-PACK and SMOK SLM Slim Thick Vapor Kit, and once you master them, move on to something more extensive with a more demanding battery.

2. The Strength of the Draw

When you're looking for a new cig-a-like, make sure to read the comments and the reviews regarding the general draw of the device.

It's just not worth it if you have to have a lung capacity of an Olympic swimmer to get a decent puff out of it. Reference-wise, a good drag should take you no more than two seconds to inhale and produce a decent vapor.

3. Portability

One of the most appealing characteristics of cig-a-likes is the accessibility and portability of it all. Having a cigalike that you can access at any time without diving through your pockets is essential as this is the reason that most people go for them - no more standard cigarettes and lighters. 

Try to look for the cigalikes that are small and compact, but still have an excellent battery to accompany them - at least around 150-250 mAh.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best cigalike?

best cigalikes 2020

Going through all the best cigalikes that are currently on the market, inspecting cigalike brands, and customer reviews led us to the Mig 21 Clear Fusion Vape Pen - V2 Cigs Compatible.

Due to the combination of features, vapor production, and customer reviews, this is the gold medalist for the day.

Where to buy e-puffer?

You can order their cigalikes on their official website and find an abundance of e-pens and pods. Also, they have affiliate programs for vaping that sell their products, such as ourselves.

You can find more of their products on

Final Thoughts - Summary

Finding the perfect brand of cig-a-likes was not accessible. It took a lot of scavenging and testing, but after careful consideration, the victory goes to the Mig 21 Clear Fusion Vape Pen - V2 Cigs Compatible.

Don't get us wrong, all of the cigalikes that we've covered are excellent and high-quality, but they are no match for the Mig Vape Pen which are considered to be the best cigalikes. The vapor production is fantastic, the smoothness of the vape combined with the aroma is outstanding, and the combination of price and quality is to die for.

So much for the best starter cigalike kit - don't forget to start slow and work your way up on the scale of vaping. There are many products to try and enjoy on the go!