About Us

Welcome to the Kids Live Smoke Free website! The website is intended to provide resources, information, ideas, and opportunities for collaboration for pediatric clinicians. Join us in the battle against secondhand tobacco smoke exposure of children.

Kids Live Smoke Free is a comprehensive, national effort to train pediatric clinicians in brief, effective methods to reduce children’s secondhand smoke exposure through parental smoking cessation and harm reduction.

Mission Statement

The mission of Kids Live Smoke Free is to reduce secondhand smoke exposure of children. This mission is accomplished by:

  • Increasing the awareness and understanding of the health benefits of creating smoke-free environments for children amongst members of the pediatric community;
  • Creating collaboration between pediatric and clinical organizations to address the problem of secondhand smoke exposure of children;
  • Identifying and disseminating best practices for reducing children’s secondhand smoke exposure for use in the pediatric clinical setting; and
  • Improving resources for clinicians, communities, and families, which will aid in the development of and support for smoke-free environments for children.


Children will no longer be exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke and will no longer suffer the harms to their health from this exposure.

We are interested in your comments, suggestions, etc., about the website and our programs. Please feel free to contact us.

Dana Best, MD, MPH, FAAP