Fog-Vaping With The Best High Wattage Mods

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As you progress from pod systems and standard e-pens and start experimenting with different devices, you'll see that they are very different. The difference can often be subtle, but in most cases, you'll find that the high-power devices have modes and operations that create a unique vaping experience.

For example, many vapers enjoy sub-ohm vaping with massive clouds and thick fog that puts an emphasis on traditional vaping. Not only is it more fun, but the clouds have better flavor delivery and more power to them.

So, we have a list of the best high wattage mods that can deliver in this sense, and make no mistake; you'll feel the power the moment you try one out.

We'll start with the individual reviews, and then we'll move on to the buyer's guide to offer you some perspective as to what constitutes the best high wattage mods.

Best High Wattage Box Mods Compared

Product Name

Battery Source

Wattage Output Range


Dual 18650 High-Amp Batteries

5-200 W

AS Chipset

Dual 18650 High-Amp Batteries

1-230 W

IQ-G 32-Bit Processor Chipset

Dual 18650 High-Amp Batteries

10-200 W

MFENG UX Comprehensive Chipset

Dual 20700 High-Amp Batteries

10-300 W (360)

IWEPAL Chipset

Dual 20700 High-Amp Batteries

6-200 W

Innokin Integrated Chipset

High Wattage Vape Mods - Top 5 List

  • Battery Source: Dual 18650 High-Amp Batteries
  • Wattage Output Range: 5-200 W
  • Chipset: AS Chipset

If you've been around the block and learned a thing or two about vape mods, you couldn't have missed the GeekVape Aegis series. It's deemed one of the best vape mod series due to their intelligence, user-friendly options, and unlimited power. Let's find out a bit more about the Geekvape Aegis Legend Starter Kit in particular.

Powered by two 18650 batteries, this device delivers constant strength in the 5-200 W range. Since this is a regulated device, the AS chipset helps manage the wattage for each hit, but you'll get constant 200 watts when the batteries are full.

As this is a high wattage mod list, you're undoubtedly interested in sub-ohm vaping and cloud production. Don't worry for a bit as the GeekVape Aegis Legend will fog up the room thanks to its 0.05 coils. When you use them in TC mode, you'll get strong and not-so-dry hits that'll make you wish you've gotten this device sooner.

The 0.91-inch OLED display will relay the chipset's information and bring you information about the wattage, voltage, battery life, and more. It also features a bypass mode to make your vaping experience more secure and balanced.

As you'll later see, the GeekVape Aegis line dominates the high wattage industry and different box mods demand in the vaping industry in general. One thing's certain, though - you won't make a mistake if you go for this box mod.

  • High wattage bypass mode
  • Dual 18650 batteries
  • TC mode
  • The best vapor mods line
  • /

SMOK G-PRIV 3 230W STARTER KIT - Fast-Firing Chipset
  • Battery Source: Dual 18650 High-Amp Batteries
  • Wattage Output Range: 1-230 W
  • Chipset: IQ-G 32-Bit Processor Chipset

If you've liked the first product, you'll most definitely enjoy the following one. Let's have an in-depth look at the Smok G-PRIV 3 230w Starter Kit.

Since we love vaping on the go, one of the most important characteristics that we require from a vape mod is speed, and trust us when we say that this device is not lacking in it.

Thanks to the IQ-G 32-bit chipset, this vape mod clocks in at 0.001s in delivering hits. When you consider that this is a high wattage mod with a dual battery setup, it's astounding that it can achieve such speed to deliver high power.

This vape mod's versatility is also a matter to consider as you can perform different types of vaping with the right coils. It has variable wattage and temperature control mode that allows you to produce hits with a maximum of 230 W.

As if this isn't enough, the temperature control mode can support coils with a resistance range of 0.05 ohms, which makes this device perfect for thick cloud production and sub-ohming.

If it weren't for the lack of 18650 batteries in the pack, we'd rate this device five stars and seriously consider giving it the first place over GeekVape Aegis Legend.

  • Intuitive chipset
  • Fast firing speed
  • Temperature control and variable wattage mod
  • High-power vapor box mods
  • No batteries included

  • Battery Source: Dual 18650 High-Amp Batteries
  • Wattage Output Range: 10-200 W
  • Chipset: MFENG UX Comprehensive Chipset

For those of you who care for both the appearance and the stats of your high-power vape box mod, here's a product that you'll undoubtedly want to check out. We give you the Snow Wolf Mfeng Ux 200w Starter Kit.

The Snow Wolf collection comes with an abundance of different devices to choose from with a unique and elegant design that everyone will find appealing. Next to this, all vape box mods are crafted from an enduring zinc alloy that makes the chassis a sturdy housing that won't fail.

When it comes to stats, you'll enjoy the fantastic 10-200 W variable wattage that will make each hit a unique one. Furthermore, the MFENG UX Comprehensive Chipset will regulate the power and decrease the wattage as the battery life is plummeting down, so you won't have to worry about overstressing the box mod.

It also comes with a TC mode and a comprehensive temperature control suite that will regulate each hit in the 200-600 Fahrenheit range. All the data will be relayed over the 1.3-inch TFT display that fits in nicely with the whole design and intent behind this fantastic device.

The only downside is that you'll have to pay a bit more for this device than you would for your average box mod with similar features. However, bear in mind that you're also paying for the beauty of this high wattage mod.

  • Design and build
  • 200 W power box mods
  • Extensive temperature control suite
  • Battery life
  • Price compared to the competition

IJOY ZENITH 3 300W VV BOX MOD - Semi-Mech Power
  • Battery Source: Dual 20700 High-Amp Batteries
  • Wattage Output Range: 10-300 W (360)
  • Chipset: IWEPAL Chipset

Next up is an authentic high wattage mod that differs from the other ones on this list due to its mechanical properties and extremely high wattage output. Let's jump into the IJOY Zenith 3 300W VV Box Mod review.

Even though some people still prefer automatic mods with integrated parts, experienced vapers like to meddle with mechanical mods. It allows them to set the properties of the device to their preferences.

For example, this semi-mech mod is powered by two 20700 batteries that supply massive power to the atomizer, but you can replace them for the standard dual 18650 batteries with the right adapter.

The integrated chipset allows for the nominal 300 W. If you're experimenting and want to make your vaping experience unforgettable, you can go for the maximum 360 W wattage when the mod is fully charged.

This device also has a ton of voltage adjustments that will allow you to set the vape to a preferred setting that significantly changes the entire vaping session. All of this is not to be expected from a device that has such a minimalistic and simplistic look to it. Yet, eyes can be misleading, and that's the case here.

As this is a 20700 battery mod, it's kind of disappointing that it cannot support the 21700's as well since that's the case with most mods. Still, it's impressive and deserves to be on this list.

  • High wattage vape with a maximum 360 W
  • Battery life
  • Enormous power
  • Simplistic design
  • Doesn’t support the 21700’s 

  • Battery Source: Dual 20700 High-Amp Batteries
  • Wattage Output Range: 6-200 W
  • Chipset: Innokin Integrated Chipset

Before we start, let's get one thing straight - you won't find a better premium product than this one on the market for this type of cash. Now let's dig right into the Innokin Big Box Atlas 200W TC Box Mod review.

You can see right from the bat that there's something about the design of this line of high wattage mods that attract customers. With an elegant resign design and beautiful color schemes, this vape mod brings a lot of attention to itself, but there's more to it.

Thanks to the 6-200 W delivery, you'll be able to vape all you want without losing the intensity with each hit. However, it's a regulated mod, so as the battery life decreases, so will the wattage output, but you'll preserve the battery life and still get the most efficient hits.

If you love building coils, you'll love that the resistance range is set to 0.1 ohms, which will make a perfect scenario for sub-ohm vaping. It is disappointing that it's not even lower, but you'll make do with 0.1 ohms.

You'll also notice that the 510 connection has 24k gold plating on it, which is not a software bonus, but it's pleasing to the eye. If it weren't for some decreased features, this device would take the fourth or third place. Still, it's a great bargain for this money.

  • Luxury resin design
  • Best high wattage mods
  • Intelligent chipset
  • Resistance range
  • Lower specs compared to previous models

What to Expect Out of the Best High Wattage Mods? Buyer's Guide

If you're considering getting a high wattage device, you should know that there are more factors that you should put in your decision than sheer power and strength.

YES, vape power is the main feature of these devices, but if you want everything to function correctly, you should inspect mods more thoroughly and then decide.

1. Regulation

best high wattage box mods

As we could see from the previous products, they all have chipsets that help them regulate wattage, voltage, and the overall temperature of each hit compared to battery power. That is why they are all dual systems, but you can also find mods with three or even four battery sources to support a mod's functionality.

Having a chipset is crucial because when you lose power and still maintain the same wattage, the mod can overheat and malfunction. This is why only experienced vapers use unregulated mods because years of vaping taught them when to extend the limit and when to take it easy.


If you're getting your first high wattage device, make sure it's regulated and that it has a powerful chipset that won't fail. That way, you'll be secure, and you'll enjoy the benefits of massive cloud production.

2. Battery

The battery power in the best high wattage mods needs to be high and efficient, but that doesn't merely mean - Go for the largest one.

In most cases, you'll either receive the batteries with the package, or you'll have instructions on what batteries to buy, and they'll often be the standard 18650's.

However, some mechanical and semi-mechanical mods have adapters that enable them to use different battery sources for different vape styles.

If you're not sure which type goes hand-in-hand with the specific battery set, your best bet is to go for the standard, dual 18650's.

Best Feature

Product Name


Intelligence Boost

Geekvape Aegis Legend Starter Kit

Fast-Firing Chipset

Smok G-PRIV 3 230w Starter Kit

Build and Design

Snow Wolf Mfeng Ux 200w Starter Kit

Semi-Mech Power

IJOY Zenith 3 300W VV Box Mod

A Premium Score

Innokin Big Box Atlas 200W TC Box Mod

The More You Know - Common FAQs

What is the point of high wattage box mods?

Firstly, the best high wattage mods will produce enormous clouds thanks to their resilient coils and wattage output. Even though some people still don't prefer large clouds, the fact is they have more flavor and make vaping more fun on a regular basis.

Furthermore, sub-ohm vaping with high wattage mods is always safer than with regular, single-battery mods because they can automatically exceed the limit and push well over 100 watts.

Having a high wattage vape mod means you'll have more than one battery and an intuitive chip that'll help regulate the power.

What batteries are good for high wattage box mods?

best high wattage vape mods

In essence, you won't need more than a dual 18650 battery setup. 

A single battery can usually fire up somewhere between 70 and 80 watts, so a dual setup will be just enough for strong hits since you'll rarely go for more than 200 W hits.

However, if you want more potency, dual 20700 and 21700's will do the trick or the combination of triple 18650 batteries.

Final Thoughts - Summary

When we take into account what constitutes the best high wattage mods, how you use them, and their overall efficiency, one mod from our list is undoubtedly in a league of its own - the Geekvape Aegis Legend Starter Kit.

Not only is this a vaper-favorite, but it's proven to be the most efficient box mod when it comes to dishing out considerable power. Even though its max wattage output is set to 200 W, the build of this mod and the individual modes that are operated by its AS chipset prove to be the most efficient when fired somewhere between 120 and 160 W.

Still, we mustn't forget the fantastic Smok G-PRIV 3 230w Starter Kit. The SMOK line of mods has continuously dished out outstanding products, and this device is no exception. In the end, it doesn't matter which device you'll choose from this list since they are all designed to match your every need.

Take a wild shot and try them out!