Step Into the Future With the Best 21700 Battery for Your Device

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Stepping into the world of vaping can be scary for some. There are so many products, variables, and different modes of vaping to choose from, so it can seem like a huge step that you're still not ready to take.

Luckily, all of that can be learned relatively fast, and once you're in the game, there's no looking back and turning to regular cigarettes.

Thanks to the revolution of electronic cigarettes, we're now introduced to the new generation of vape mods and powerful batteries that can provide large amp discharge, such as the 21700 ones.

We're here to help you search and locate the best 21700 battery for your vape mod since some of these batteries are not even meant to be used for vaping due to their large capacity and application in the electronic world.

Stay tuned, and let's find out more!

21700 Batteries Li-Ion Compared - Main Characteristics

Before we go into individual reviews of the best 21700 batteries on the market, let's look at some of the salient features that will help you quickly distinguish them among the sea of 21700 batteries.

Best for

Product Name




Technologically Advanced


3000 mAh

35 A

Nominal Capacity


5000 mAh



Amp-King High-Drain AK4030 21700 Battery 35A 3000mAh

3000 mAh

35 A

Consistent Amperage Delivery

Hohm Run XL 21700 4007mAh Battery

4007 mAh

30.3 A

Continuous Discharge Levels

VapCell 21700 INR

3100 mAh

35 A

Maximum Discharge Rate

Hohm Tech 21700 Vape Battery

3023 mAh

39.1 A

Best 21700 Battery for Vaping - A Detail Reviews

SAMSUNG 30T 21700 3000MAH 35A BATTERY - Technologically Advanced

Let's start with an earlier version of the Samsung 40T batteries with long-lasting capabilities that will astound you. It's the SAMSUNG 30T 21700 3000MAH 35A BATTERY.

If you've previously researched 21700 batteries, you've undoubtedly entered a website that deems this brand as the best out there, and there's a reason for it.

This rechargeable battery has technological advancements that allow it to dish out amps without losing its intensity continually. Thanks to the 3000 mAh power and 35 A discharge, you'll have enough power for your new-gen vape mods without ever worrying about losing the juice unexpectedly.

The voltage ranges from 3.6 to 4.2 V, nominal and maximum, so your hits can be accustomed to higher settings without overstressing the battery.

Since newer vape mods have an abundance of features, this battery will undoubtedly prove to be a massive asset to your kit.

Even though some 21700 batteries offer higher capacity and continuous discharge levels, it's not all about the stats. Samsung's lithium-ion batteries prove to be efficient and long-lasting in all testing phases and still dominate the market. 

The only remark is that there's a new generation of Samsung 40T batteries being sold, so this one seems a bit underwhelming in comparison, but due to high demand and the price, it still rocks the vaping world.

  • Best 21700 battery Mooch reviews
  • High-capacity
  • Discharge levels
  • Technologically advanced
  • /

PANASONIC 21700 5000 mAh BATTERY - Nominal Capacity

As for our next item, we have a product from another reliable manufacturer other than Samsung, Panasonic. We present to you the PANASONIC 21700 5000 mAh BATTERY.

What separates this 21700 battery from any other on our list is the fantastic 5000 mAh of nominal capacity. This much power can last you for a long time, and it's sufficient to power up more than just regular vape pods and electronic cigarettes.

However, due to the construction and design of this 21700 battery, it is compatible with the ePuffer ARCANE E-Hookah and vape mods that have slots for 21700 batteries.

Also, the price is unbelievably low for these types of batteries. If you're not willing to invest large amounts of money for a premium product, such as Samsung, this is the right one for you.

It is CE-certified, which means that it conforms with the health, environmental, and safety standards that 21700 batteries have. As is a case in point with the majority of the 21700 batteries, make sure not to overcharge it to avoid mishandling or mishaps.

All in all, it's a perfect bargain for the money!

  • High nominal capacity
  • Non-premium batteries brand of high quality
  • Best vapor batteries
  • Low demand – not verified by customer reviews

Amp-King High-Drain AK4030 21700 Battery 35A 3000mAh - Versatility

Are you not sure which battery will do your tons of good? Just choose the certified and reliable Amp-King High-Drain AK4030 21700 Battery and be done with it.

If you just look at it, it does not seem any different than the regular 21700 battery. It has a flat-top design, standard dimensions, and an unattractive look. Still, eyes often deceive, and so that's the case here.

It functions at the modest 3000 mAh power, but still enough to supply you with enough force to last you a long time. Interestingly, it dishes out 3.6 V of nominal voltage with a continuous 35 A discharge, but it can reach 50 A of maximum short peak discharge.

Make sure to charge them before using them for the first time all together, and you can match them with a Nitecore Q4 21700 battery charger. Just use it carefully since it's not protected, and don't overcharge it.

In essence, it has all the right elements that constitute a subtle brand of 21700 batteries, and it will not fail you.

  • Sufficient battery power
  • Dominates over batteries 20700
  • Maximum short peak discharge
  • Not protected

Hohm Run XL 21700 4007mAh Battery - Consistent Amperage Delivery

Finally, we have another item up for display, the fantastic Hohm Run XL 21700 4007mAh Battery.

If you compare this 21700 battery with the rest of the batteries on our list, you'll notice some stats' inconsistencies. For example, due to this item's build, it has a 4007 mAh nominal capacity with a continuous discharge rate of 30.3 A.

The combination of amperage and capacity is perfect for users with high-demanding vape mods that require large amperage. Since this battery has a large capacity, you'll be able to do sub-ohm vaping multiple times in a day without having to switch or charge your battery.

It functions quite admirably with products with variable wattage requirements, such as mods, pods, and larger vaping devices that benefit from the power of 21700 batteries.

Due to these specs, it is heavy on the pocket and will require more massive investment in terms of average price rates that 21700 batteries go for. However, you won't regret getting it as it will undoubtedly satisfy your needs.

  • Incredible nominal capacity
  • High amperage levels
  • Versatility with different mods
  • Price

VapCell 21700 INR - Continuous Discharge Levels

Moving on, we have another quality product up for review, the VapCell 21700 INR.

What is it that makes these batteries 21700 one of the best ones?

Firstly, it has a rated capacity of 3000 mAh, while its nominal capacity rests at 3100 mAh. This might not look like a lot, even when you compare it with some 20700 lithium-ion batteries, but it’s highly efficient due to its discharge levels.

It can dish out close to 35 A when it’s fully charged and will continue to maintain that amperage until it’s dried out. If you’re a fan of unregulated devices, especially DIY vape mods, you should consider getting this high-drain battery.

Even if you’re planning on vaping with a regulated vape mod, this battery will still serve the purpose since this amperage is excellent for low-resistance builds that sub-ohm vapers prefer.

Also, it’s quite affordable, so make sure you don’t miss out on a great opportunity like this one. The only issue is the limited capacity, but it’ll compensate with its output.

  • Continuous discharge levels
  • Excellent for low-resistance builds and unregulated vapes
  • High-drain 21700 vape battery
  • Limited capacity

Hohm Tech 21700 Vape Battery - Maximum Discharge Rate

Lastly, we have one more product that’ll amaze you with its features, but the reason it takes the last place is the price that’s too much for 21700 batteries. Here’s the Hohm Tech 21700 Vape Battery.

Like we said, these batteries are here to show you the power.

The capacity is not that outstanding compared to other batteries, resting at 3023 mAh, but the most impressive features are the discharge levels.

This high-capacity battery can give you continuous discharges of 39.1 A, but when the battery is fully charged and you want that extra juice, it’ll go as far as 49.5 Amps. Digits like these are a clear indicator that you can use these batteries for advanced vape mods with lower resistances.

Furthermore, this set of batteries can maintain a 112 max wattage output, so plan carefully what you’ll use these batteries with.

In essence, Hohm Tech is a trusted manufacturer of vape batteries and you won’t make a mistake by purchasing its products.

However, the price these ones go for is a bit high, but after all, it’s an investment.

  • Max discharge rate
  • 3023 mAh
  • High-drain
  • Price

What Should You Pay Close Attention To When Getting A 21700 Battery? Buyer's Guide

best 21700 battery charger

As the title says, we're about to dig deeper and find out more about 21700 batteries and what constitutes a good one.

Let's look at some crucial characteristics!

1. Capacity

This goes without saying. The more mAh your battery has, the larger its lifespan will be.

In general, 21700 batteries range between 3000-5000 mAh, so you should look for something in that domain. Still, capacity goes hand in hand with discharge.

2. Discharge

Discharge, or C-rate, is the rate at which an individual battery is discharged in contrast to the maximum capacity.

So, even if you have a battery with a great capacity, discharge is crucial because it dictates the stretch of time it will take for your battery to empty.

Look for batteries that have good contrast between these two factors - usually, a combination of 3000 mAh/30 A or 4000 mAh/40 A will do the trick.

3. Voltage

best 21700 battery mooch

Finally, look for 21700 batteries with optimal voltage levels that will satisfy your vape mods' needs.

To get a good hit, you'll need a 21700 battery that works at the minimum nominal voltage of 3V and then go from there.

4. Nominal Energy

When you hear people talking about nominal energy and watts per cell, here are the things you should know. Nominal power is defined as the total watts per cell available when the battery is at a specific discharge current, usually at the cut-off voltage.

The more watts per cell the battery has, the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 21700 battery?

best 21700 battery for flashlight

Due to its high demand and excellent performance, the SAMSUNG 30T 21700 3000MAH 35A BATTERY is one of the best ones you can find.

However, its successor Samsung 40T may be the best one right now, but it's relatively new and still not credited as the best one yet.

Are 21700 batteries better than 18650?

They are newer and more efficient than 18650 since they are larger and have more capacity/power.

Still, devices with 21700 battery slots are relatively a rarity in today's market.

What's the difference between 18650 and 21700 batteries?

The size is the number one difference since 21700 batteries offer more power and efficiency.

However, 18650 batteries are a standard when it comes to batteries for vape mods and vaping devices.

How many Volts does a standard 21700 battery have?

best 21700 battery charger 2020

Usually, manufacturers tend to have different voltages, but it rests somewhere between 3.6 and 3.8 V.

Final Thoughts - Summary

As we take a look at the end of our article, it's essential to address some of the winners that take the title of the best 21700 batteries on the market right now.

The Amp-King High-Drain AK4030 21700 Battery is a remarkable battery that won't disappoint you. Due to its high-performance specifications, every user will be glad to have it.

Panasonic 21700 5000 mAh battery’s capacity and overall efficiency will undoubtedly serve you well for the years to come.

But as for the winner of the best 21700 battery, the gold medal goes to the SAMSUNG 30T 21700 3000MAH 35A BATTERY. Samsung devices have proven to be a mark of standard in the electronics business and still dominate the market in many areas, including vaping batteries. Even the new Samsung 40T sparks interest among the buyers and will prove to be one of the best batteries without a doubt.

In essence, all batteries on this list will do wonders for you and your vaping devices as they are compact, lightweight, efficient, and much more potent than their predecessors, 18650.