Seasoned Vaping With The Best 26650 Battery

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Being a beginner in the vaping world is often problematic. There are too many products and variables that impact your decision. You’ll undoubtedly feel overwhelmed by all the information - what battery is compatible with what device, all the specifications, and so on.

We’re here to help you discern which one’s which. For example, what is the best 26650 battery, how to recognize it, and where to find one? All of these questions will find answers in the following lines.

All you need to know for now is that the 26650 battery is a seasoned type of battery that older vapers will remember since they are being replaced with newer models that are more efficient. Still, many products are compatible with these types of batteries, which is why they’re still being sold.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and find out more!

The Best 26650 Batteries Compared - Specifications

Before we start chatting about each product individually, let’s have a quick overview of their main characteristics that might interest you.

Best for

Product Name




Best Choices

Aspire INR High-Drain 26650 Li-ion Battery 40A 4300mAh

4300 mAh

20 A

Budget Pick

MXJO IMR 26650 3500MAH

3500 mAh

25 A


Hohm Grown 2 - Hohm Tech - 26650 4244mAh Battery

4244 mAh

32.3 A

Maximum Pulse Amperage

Nitecore NI26650A Battery

4200 mAh

21 A

High-Drain Devices

GOLISI - 26650 3.7V 4300MAH 35A High-drain Battery

4300 mAh

35 A

Long-Lasting 26650 Batteries - A Detail Reviews

Aspire INR High-Drain 26650 Li-ion Battery 40A 4300mAh - High-Performance

We’re going to start our list with one of the customer favorites when it comes to the best 26650 batteries, the Aspire INR High-Drain 26650 Li-ion Battery 40A 4300mAh.

One of the most crucial characteristics that the best 26650 battery for vaping must have is capacity. It dictates the amount of energy that the battery possesses and the power it can dish out until it’s discharged.

This fantastic battery has a 4300 mAh nominal capacity that suits all vapers and enables them to use their devices for an extended period.

It dishes out 20 amps of continuous discharge, which is fantastic in combination with this amount of electricity. This mix enables it to work longer and provide your devices with sufficient power for strong hits.

It’s a flat-top style battery that’s really affordable compared to all vaping standards in quality and efficiency.

Just remember that it’s designed to function with the Aspire NX100, but it’s compatible with most vaping devices that have slots for 26650 batteries. 

Overall, there’s no questioning the high quality and battery life of this product because it will undoubtedly work for you for a long time.

  • Large nominal capacity
  • The mix of discharge and power
  • Compatibility with most vaping devices
  • Affordable
  • /

MXJO IMR 26650 3500MAH - Budget Pick

Moving on from the previous battery, here’s a product that will warm your heart with its price. Say hello to the MXJO IMR 26650 3500MAH.

Upon looking at this flat top li-ion battery, you won’t notice any differences compared to other batteries on this list. It has a simple design, moderate specifications, and uses li-ion bonds as its primary constituent.

However, what separates this battery from the other is its efficiency in running with lower inner resistance. Even though other batteries have more powerful specs, this one has enough capacity and discharge to power your vaping device. Still, it controls its output and protects it with its resistance.

Still, the voltage is average and allows you to perform sub-ohm vaping with ease as long as your vape pod has the inner coils.

It works with most 26650 batteries on the market, and it goes exceptionally well with Joyetech vapes and extends their running time by a long shot.

Finally, the price is unbelievable compared to other batteries 26650 on the market. It will last you a long time, which makes it an excellent bargain.

  • Lower inner resistance
  • Longer vaping 
  • Affordable
  • Lower capacity than in other batteries

Hohm Grown 2 - Hohm Tech - 26650 4244mAh Battery - Efficiency

If you’ve been around the block and done some research, you’ve most certainly heard about Hohm Tech and its fantastic batteries. Here’s a fine example, the Hohm Grown 2 - Hohm Tech - 26650 4244mAh Battery.

Due to the high performance and efficiency of this brand of 26650 batteries, manufacturers designed them to be used for powerful box mods starter kits that require large outputs. The battery life is outstanding, and the power that stems from these batteries is unmatched by most of the products on the market.

The nominal capacity rests at 4244 mAh with a voltage range that rests between 3.7 and 4.2 V, thus allowing for more potent and longer hits on vape mods. When you combine this with a continuous discharge of 32.3 A, you get a long-lasting battery.

The top is flat, and the design is characteristic of Hohm Tech batteries, with authentic green and black patterns. The only flaw is that this battery is not protected, so you should be careful not to overcharge it and avoid leaving it on the charger for a long time.

Aside from this, the price is incredibly low, and the quality/price ratio is undoubtedly satisfactory. There’s no going wrong with this brand of batteries.

  • Perfect for box mods and starter-like power kits
  • Capacity and discharge
  • Top design
  • Not protected

Nitecore NI26650A Battery - Maximum Pulse Amperage

Unlike some 26650 batteries that are universal and can be applied to devices such as flashlights, cordless tools, and vehicles, this 26650 battery is designed specifically for vaping devices. We introduce you to the Nitecore NI26650A Battery.

With a 4200 mAh capacity and a 40 A maximum pulse amperage, this battery can dish out enormous amounts of power necessary for vapers that create vapor-like clouds and do sub-ohm vaping.

Plus, the 21 A maximum continuous discharge protects your battery from discharging too much power and allows you to get the strength of the hits you desire.

Furthermore, compatibility is an essential feature of this 26650 battery. It works with many popular box mods, vape pods, and electronic starter kits such as Sigelei and Hohm Tech.

It is a tad pricier than the previous batteries that we introduced to you. Still, it’s undoubtedly worth considering the specifications and the long-running time of this brand of batteries.

All in all, a battery that recharges up to 500 cycles and offers such high-quality features is not to be disregarded.

  • Individual specifications
  • Compatibility
  • Charging cycle
  • Price

GOLISI - 26650 3.7V 4300MAH 35A High-drain Battery - High-Drain Devices

Lastly, we have another fantastic product that can certainly be put in the “best” list. Here’s the final best 26650 battery, the GOLISI - 26650 3.7V 4300MAH 35A High-drain Battery.

Like all the previous batteries, this one also has a large capacity that is necessary to run vaping devices. However, this 4300 mAh that this 26650 battery has in store goes hand in hand with constant high discharge rates of 35 A, making this a high-drain 26650 battery.

Longer running time and high capacity are certainly the main features of this 26650 battery, but this one also excels at providing constant voltage numbers that run from 3.7 to 4.2 V, with a cut-off voltage resting at 2.75 V.

All of these numbers may not seem like much to you yet, but once you use it and test it out, you’ll feel the power in your vaping devices and the way your hits deliver. 

There’s still no 26650 battery Samsung on the market, but this one is undoubtedly on its way to meet the expectations that Samsung set for vaping batteries.

In essence, a battery safe as this one with a long-time life, flat-top design, and multiple uses, you’ll be glad you invested your money into.

  • Fantastic running time
  • Top design
  • Longer use than an average 26650 battery
  • Faster charging only with Golisi charger

How to Properly Use, Find, and Incorporate the Qualities of the Best 26650 Battery? Buyer’s Guide

best 26650 battery for flashlight

For those of you that are unfamiliar yet, a 26650 battery is not only meant for vaping devices, but you can also use it in multiple situations and in items that have nothing to do with vaping due to their enormous power.

However, if you plan to use the best 26650 battery that money can buy, you should pay attention to some key factors that constitute the best.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Battery Life

Of course, this seems redundant to say even. However, many people make the mistake of going after the battery with the most impressive specs, and they often make a mistake because they didn’t do enough research.

Many factors constitute an excellent battery life, starting from those high specs such as capacity and voltage, but also the bonds that form a battery and the manufacturing process.

Try to look for verified batteries that won’t give out after a couple of uses.

2. Safety

best 26650 battery review

As we’ve seen already, some batteries don’t have protection. 

The safety protocols require a battery to have a small integrated circuit that protects the battery from overcharging or excessive discharging.

Of course, a 26650 battery does not have to contain protection at all times because some manufacturers produce their batteries with secured cut-off voltages.

Still, if you’ve invested a lot of money in your box mod or vape mod, make sure to have a protected battery to avoid frying the device.

3. Capacity

You’ll hear stories from time to time about batteries and their capabilities and how it is the only important characteristic when it comes to the use. Yes, it is vital, and it shows the amount of power that a 26650 battery can contain when it’s fully charged, but it’s not the most critical characteristic.

For example, when we look at 26650 vs 21700 batteries, we’ll notice that many 21700’s don’t have capacities as large as the former, but they are still more efficient due to discharge and voltage levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of battery is 26650?

best 26650 battery charger

It is a newer generation of 18650’s with larger dimensions and high-efficiency use. It gives its users large running times and is often compatible with most vape mods on the market.

What are 26650 batteries used for?

Their primary purpose is still in the vaping business, but they have found their application in other electronic appliances due to their large capacity.

Who makes the best 26650 battery?

Since this brand of batteries is going extinct, there are no reliable manufacturers such as Samsung or Panasonic. However, some of the most verified ones are Hohm Tech and Aspire.

best 26650 battery for flashlight 2020

18650 vs. 26650 batteries - Are 26650 batteries better than 18650?

Due to their size and power that is excellent for high-drain devices, 26650 proved to be more efficient than the 18650.

Final Thoughts - Conclusion

Many factors go into choosing the best 26650 battery on the market, but when we take a look at it from all the different angles, the winner is undoubtedly the Aspire INR High-Drain 26650 Li-ion Battery 40A 4300mAh.

Its high-draining capabilities and large capacity allow it to be the best 26650 battery for vapor production, sub-ohm vaping, and regular starter kit pods. After you use it for some time, you’ll see all the benefits this battery offers.

All the batteries on this list will not disappoint you in essence. The only thing that’s up to you is to choose the one that fits you and your device the best and roll with it.

Anyways, they’re only accessories, but vital ones.