The Best Vape To Quit Smoking – Everything You Need To Know

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Ever since cigarettes were first put into global production and distribution, people around the world have gathered and started buying them in enormous amounts. They are highly addictive, but they are also an excellent way to meet someone over a cigarette break and spark a conversation.

However, everything good has some wrong sides. Cigarettes use a steady pace to ruin your health due to the chemicals in every pack, and most often, you'll feel like an 80-year old after smoking a pack a day.

This is why many smokers turn to vapes as they are unique products that serve as a substitute for regular cigarettes but carry with them less hazardous materials and offer a more healthy habit in return.

We've decided to create a list of these products and find the best vape to quit smoking. We've found ten of them that we believe will help you break the cycle and get rid of the bad habit.

Stay tuned, and let's find out more about the ways to help you quit smoking.

Nicotine Pens for Breaking the Habit - Compared

Let's take a look at some of the best brands and how each e-cigarette compares with the other.



Battery and Capacity



E-Cigarette Kit

808 Thread/650 mAh

CBD Oil Kit


E-Cigarette Kit

808 Thread/650 mAh

Vape Pod Starter Kit


Vape Pod Starter Kit

1500 mAh

Disposable Pod

Integrated 280 mAh

Vape Pod Kit

Integrated 650mAh Rechargeable Battery

Vape Pod Kit


Disposable Vape


Top 10 E-Cigarettes to Help You Quit Smoking

Kat's Botanicals CBD Vape Oil Pens - Anxiety Reliever

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One of the main reasons smokers get hooked on cigarettes in the first place is the sense of relief that comes from smoking. However, cigarettes often do more harm in the long run, so it’s not an even trade

However, some CBD strains also have healthy side effects but pose less of a threat to your overall health. Let’s look at the Kat's Botanicals CBD Vape Oil Pens.

These pens have your best interest at heart.

All CBD oils that are packed into these pens are organic and have no additives in them, meaning that your cartridge with CBD strains will only serve for you and not against you.

Don’t worry about whether this product is legal or not because it follows all the standards involving the growth of hemp and its derivatives.

These pens contain less than 0.3% THC, which is the allowed percentage. Moreover, this amount won’t get you high, but it’ll be enough to calm your nerves and give you the sensation of smoking a real cigarette.

The battery and CBD concentrates are calibrated in the sense that your battery won’t run out before you’ve gone through a whole batch of the liquid. You’ll get to feel the full experience of vaping on 250 mg of CBD.

The main reason you should consider getting this package is the Entourage Effect - the combination of fruity terpenes and cannabinoids that relieve stress, help improve your cognition, and relax you.

All in all, it’s the number one step in your transition from cigarettes.

  • Disposable and compact
  • Easy to use
  • 250 mg of CBD
  • Relieves anxiety
  • /

AUTO VAPOR Small ZEUS KIT - Easy to Use E-Cig

Your search for the perfect and the best vape pen to quit smoking can stop right here. We introduce you to the Auto Vapor Small Zeus Kit.

If you've been around the block and researched some of the e-cigarettes that are great for beginners, you've undoubtedly come across Vapor Zeus. Most of their products are straightforward, brilliant, and affordable by all standards, including this one.

The construction of this e-cigarette is relatively straightforward.

It has a rechargeable 650 mAh battery that's connected to the upper part of the device that contains an e-liquid cartridge. Vapor Zeus' famous Smileomizers offer an abundance of flavors that are easy to install into the e-cigarette, and once you connect them, you're set to start puffing.

The battery has a 650 mAh capacity, but it comes in two more sizes - 900 and 1300 mAh. If you're a beginner, we strongly suggest you get the 650 mAh first and then work your way up the scale since the smallest one will be sufficient enough to satisfy your needs.

You can use a variety of flavors with this pen, but we suggest Vapor Zeus' ones because they are brilliant. You'll get two Smileomizers that are not pre-filled, but you can order e-liquids from their website - they come in 30 mL bottles.

The charging process is standardized - you'll get a wall adapter and a USB cable, and you should be able to charge it to the max in less than two hours.

All in all, this product's most remarkable feature is smoking cessation - you'll forget all about standard nicotine cigarettes!

  • Straightforward
  • Elegant design
  • Various e-liquids
  • Great battery life
  • /

Extract Labs CBD Vape Oil - Quality Purchase

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Up next is a product that’s connected with vaping, but it’s not a device per se. The Extract Labs CBD Vape Oil is undoubtedly a great tool to help you quit smoking.

The manufacturer calls them the “Extract Tanks,” and they are not your average e-liquids. They come in the form of a tank and are not refillable, meaning you’ll pop them in, use them, and discard them once you’re finished.

These tanks are compatible with all 510-threaded batteries and devices, so you won’t have a problem setting them up with a 510 connector. But why are they the perfect tool for quitting smoking?

Firstly, this CBD oil is fully organic and has no additives whatsoever, including no acetates. Moreover, the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in these oils deliver a tremendous effect that keeps you calm, stress-free, and utterly focused.

Also, the fruity terpenes are designed to keep you less anxious but also to enjoy a quality vaping session. They come in various flavors, including our favorites, Sour Ghost and Bubba Kush.

Most mod vapes will get you the strength and the sensations of smoking through nic salts, but it’s still addictive and won’t get you to stop smoking right away. CBD oils, on the other hand, offer a completely new dimension and will expedite that process.

Still, CBD strains are not for everyone, and since vaping CBD works faster, there’s a chance you won’t like it. If you’re an adventurer, we highly recommend this product.

  • Less harmful than tobacco
  • 510-thread connection
  • Fully organic
  • Fruity terpenes
  • Not for everyone


Quitting smoking is not easy for everyone, even though many people nowadays manage to break this habit. The successful ones usually have devices such as this one that offers the solution to their troubles. Take a look at the Vapor Titan Standard E-Cig and see for yourself.

What makes this e-cigarette kit so authentic is the battery first and foremost. It is an 808 thread device whose rechargeable battery system allows you always to have juice in your vape pen, no matter the situation.

It comes with a five-pack cartomizer that has a strength equivalence of 3-5 packs of standard tobacco cigarettes.

It comes in automatic and manual versions, but we recommend you start with the automatic if you're a beginner. When you've matured and fine-tuned your taste, you can try the manual and set the strength of each hit the way it suits you.

Overall, whether it's the automatic or manual version, you'll be able to produce clouds of vapor while feeling the mouth-to-lung hit instantly.

This kit also contains standard charging products and a carrying case that comes in four colors. Based on the color of your vape pen, you can customize and arrange your kit to your style.

The only flaw is the lack of more flavors due to the demands of the current market. There are some standard tobacco, menthol, and Virginia flavors, but maybe that's not enough for everyone.

Besides that, you'll be glad you got this e-cigarette to quit smoking!

  • Cartomizer strength
  • Automatic and manual versions
  • Carrying case
  • Mouth-to-lung hit
  • Variety of e-liquids

Smok RPM 80 Pro Vape Pod Starter Kit - Best Vape Mod to Stop Smoking

Moving on from e-cigarettes, we have a brilliant pod system to present to you. Turn "trying to quit" into quitting with the Smok RPM 80 Pro Vape Pod Starter Kit.

If you're new to vaping and you've dug a bit about these products, you might have found the predecessor to this vape mod, the SMOK RPM 40. What makes this pod system different is a couple of positive alternations by the manufacturer.

This pod system can now accept 18650 batteries that are a standard in the vaping industry. They have a long lifespan, quality output, and help you get the best out of your vape.

The first thing you'll notice with this vaping sensation is the design. It has a sleek, signature design with many different coloring options, and it fits the pocket perfectly.

Whether you're on the go or you want to carry it around in your backpack, it'll fit perfectly.

It supports both typical vaping methods and sub-ohm vaping, meaning you can set it to produce large clouds of vapor if you're into that. Thanks to the 0.5-4.0 V output range, you can set it to match your strength criteria, based on your preferences.

When you're preheating it, you won't have to worry about overdoing it since using this feature for more than ten seconds will trigger the over-heating protection.

It has an abundance of added features that you'll get to test out once you get the pod and it comes equipped with all the accessories you need to charge it, clean it, and master using this pod.

It is pricier than your regular pod, but you won't regret the money you've invested.

  • Supports standard 18650 batteries
  • Crafty design
  • Sub-ohm vaping and regular vaping
  • Output range
  • Over-heating protection
  • Price

GeekVape Aegis Boost Starter Kit - Mouth-to-Lung Vaping

In your search to find the best vape to quit smoking, you'll undoubtedly run into this bad boy. Say hello to the smallest, yet a rigid member of the Aegis family, the GeekVape Aegis Boost Starter Kit.

This starter kit has it all to help you quit smoking. Thanks to its 1500 mAh battery, this pod can transfer 40 W of power to the pod system to enable you powerful hits with no hard draws.

Also, due to the 0.6 ohm KA1 Coil, you'll have enormous vapor production. Although the new 1.2 ohm coils can produce a more substantial mouth-to-lung effect, this hybrid coil will do the trick and help that nicotine reach you in a matter of seconds - actually, 0.08 seconds, which is its firing speed.

It has a vast output range - from 1.0-6.0 V that allows you to switch the routine and find the strength that will ultimately lead to smoking cessation.

Be aware that this is Aegis' starter kit, meaning that once you get used to it, you can find products from the same lineup that offer much more abilities and features that this smoking system lacks.

For a beginner, however, this one has everything you'll need to immerse yourself into vaping.

It can be found in a plethora of different colors and has a futuristic, slim design you'll love having and using. Similar to the previous product, it features Over-Temperature Protection and Over-Current Protection that prevent any catastrophes during the preheating mode.

The only downside is that you can get better Aegis products for a not so larger price, but since this is a starter kit, you won't feel bad investing in it.

  • Huge output range
  • Design
  • Sub-ohm vaping
  • Powerful battery
  • Underwhelming compared to other Aegis pods

HITT GO Pre-Filled Disposable Pod Kit - Abundance of Flavors

Smoking e-cigarettes and pods is always a safe bet, but if you're new to the entire vaping world and you're not quite sure in what you want to invest your money, we recommend disposable vapes.

Let's take a look at the HITT GO Pre-Filled Disposable Pod Kit.

As the name suggests, these types of e-cigarettes' main attractions are that they're affordable and disposable, meaning that there's no hassling with charging and refilling your tanks with e-liquid.

Take them out of the box, start using, and discard them once you're done.

This product offers you a variety of options. Firstly, the combination of battery power and input voltage goes hand in hand with the e-liquid capacity of 1.8 mL, which means that you'll run out of juice approximately when your battery is dying. With a vaping product like this one, you won't worry about having some unused e-liquid left.

Secondly, it's tiny and compact, and you can carry it on you at all times. But the most remarkable things are the e-liquid flavors that you can get with this disposable pod - if they don't get you to stop smoking, nothing will. 

Aside from nicotine salts, tropical flavors are abundant, such as strawberry, mango, pina colada, lemonade ice, and more.

For those of you with a soft taste that don't enjoy smoking cigarettes with a tobacco aftertaste, you'll be glad you invested your money in this pod.

Of course, the only downside is the lifespan since this is a disposable pod - it goes both ways. If you're not ready to commit to a vape pen or vape pods in the process of trying to quit smoking, we recommend this one.

  • Flavors
  • Compactness
  • Battery power/e-liquid capacity
  • An abundance of nicotine e-liquids
  • Lifespan

Vaporesso Renova Zero - Intelligent Pod System

Many ex-smokers have noted that the best way to stop smoking altogether is to get a quality vape pod that'll imitate all the pros of smoking cigarettes but at a lesser health expense.

Let's take a look at the Vaporesso Renova Zero and see if it fits that picture.

One of the reasons people go for this product is the price. It offers similar capabilities as the premium vaping pods, but the price is significantly lower. Thanks to the Vaporesso Renova team, all the costs have been brought down to a minimum to secure the quality/price ratio.

However, there are some downsides. 

For example, the battery life is lower than with some other vaping pods, with the maximum capacity being set at 650 mAh. It'll still last you for a while, but for a vape pod this large, it should've been more significant.

On the other hand. their e-liquids are undoubtedly authentic and will offer you a great experience in your quest to quit smoking, especially with the Hint Brown Sugar and Chilled Mint Leaf.

What's also great is the minimum resistance that's set at 1.0 ohm, meaning that you can enjoy sub-ohm vaping and produce enormous clouds of vapors while still getting the nicotine kick.

It has all the added accessories that a quality vape pod should have, including the low resistance protection and overtime protection.

In essence, using this product will end your standard nicotine cravings and help you stop smoking with ease.

  • Intelligent design
  • Authentic flavors
  • 1.0-ohm resistance
  • Great for quitting smoking
  • Battery capacity

SMOK FETCH PRO-KIT - Universality

Moving on, we have another vape pod that's ideal for people that want to quit smoking. It's simple, straightforward, and easy to use. We give you the perfect substitute for cigarettes, the Smok Fetch Pro Kit.

Just by looking at it, you'll see that there is no hard science behind it. First off, you won't be using buttons of any kind to control the voltage or the nicotine strength since it features a small touch screen from where you can control the vape pod.

It has two preinstalled coils that are set to 0.17 and 0.4 ohms, making this a hybrid device. You can practice sub-ohm vaping or adjust it to standard preheating methods to get the best out of each hit.

What's also impressive is the battery life and span. It incorporates a standard 18650 battery with an output of 80 W to the pod that will make your vaping experience feel like heavens compared to smoking standard e-cigs.

The variety of coils it has and the ability to incorporate a 1.0 ohm SC coil makes this device universal for all nicotine smokers, even the heavy ones that are doing their best to quit smoking altogether.

It comes in four colors - silver, red, blue, and black and has an elegant, non-tacky design that everyone loves.

Aside from the price that is a bit overwhelming when you compare it to some other pods, it's as good as it can get.

No products found.

  • Hybrid vape pod
  • An excellent substitute for standard vape pens
  • Battery life
  • Design
  • Overall price


And finally, we're wrapping it up with a disposable vape pen that offers its customers a chance to feel like they're smoking regular e-cigarettes without the health burden. Say hello to the Tobacco Zaero Disposable Vape.

There simply aren't many things you can say about this device since it's relatively straightforward. Unlike other e-cigarettes, this one is disposable, meaning that you'll use it straight out of the pack without charging or filling and dispose of it when you're done.

It's an excellent solution for people that want to stop smoking but are still uncertain whether they're ready to commit to a standard e-cigarette or a vape pod. However, what's great about this brand of nicotine vape pens is the rich aroma of Virginia flavors that come with them.

Due to the high demand of tobacco-flavored vaping pens, the manufacturers behind this product put their heads together. They crafted an e-cigarette that releases a rich tobacco aroma for all the heavy smokers.

Furthermore, smoking this e-cigarette gives you the flexibility to choose the right amount of nicotine strength that suits your needs. You can choose from 1.8, 3, and 5 percent nicotine salt formulas, based on your needs as a vaper.

Or, if you simply enjoy vaping, you can get the non-nicotine disposable vape with a 0 percent formula.

All in all, it's an affordable substitute that will undoubtedly help you quit smoking and slowly immerse you in the vape world.

  • Disposable vape pens
  • Various nicotine strengths
  • Tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes
  • Affordable
  • Lack of other flavors
  • No accessories

The Main Things to Consider in the Best Vape to Quit Smoking - Buyer's Guide

Not everyone's the same, and to stop smoking, some people will require different methods.

When it comes to vape devices, we'll list some of the main features that will help you decide which device will settle down your nicotine cravings and help you break the habit of smoking cigarettes once and for all.

1. Strength Settings

best vape to quit smoking 2020

If you've just made the switch from smoking cigarettes to using an e-cigarette, you'll probably be underwhelmed with the overall strength. It's perfectly normal and takes some adjustment.

Meanwhile, you can help speed up the process by investing in a vape pod that can regulate the overall strength and output strength of each hit to imitate the power of a cigarette.

Start with the highest setting if you're a long time smoker and work your way down as you get used to your e-cigarette.

Finally, you won't even feel the difference, and you'll reduce your daily nicotine intake significantly.

2. Battery Life

best way to quit smoking a juul

Smoking for years has led you to the point where you can't imagine being in a situation where you don't have a pack of cigarettes on you. If you're smart with the way you use your vape, you can achieve the same results.

Invest your money into an e-cigarette that has a large capacity that can withstand days of regular smoking, even if that means smaller output voltage and strength.

If you're in a situation where you can't charge your pod and you're having nicotine cravings, you're most likely to cave in and buy a pack of cigarettes.

3. Cigalikes

These brands of e-cigarettes are the same as any other e-cigarette on the market, except they imitate the design and functions of a regular cigarette to create the illusion of smoking it.

Cigalikes are an excellent choice for amateurs and first-time vapers.


What is the best vape mod to quit smoking cigarettes?

what's the best vape to give up smoking

Right now, it has to be the Smok RPM 80 Pro Vape Pod Starter Kit.

It has all the right specs and features that a beginner vaper needs to overcome smoking a standard cigarette, and it comes at an understandable price.

What is the best e-cigarette or vape to help you quit smoking?

It all depends on the needs of the smoker, but we've got to recommend the Auto Vapor Small Zeus Kit.

It's one of the customer favorites, and it holds a special place in the hearts of many for a reason.

What is the best set up vape to quit smoking?

best beginner vape to quit smoking

If we're talking about one of the products that can help ease you into the world of vaping e-cigarettes, disposable vapes such as the Smok Fetch Pro Kit and HITT GO Disposable Pod Kit are an excellent solution.

Final Thoughts - Conclusion

Finding the right e-cigarette to satisfy your nicotine needs will never be easy. After years of smoking cigarettes, it's hard to stop smoking by just switching to an electronic device.

Still, you can try your best and see if the results pan out.

You're not alone, and we're here to help you with the Auto Vapor Small Zeus Kit that takes the gold medal. If you do not quit smoking with this e-cigarette, nothing will help. But rest assured, because this is the best that money can buy.

Kat's Botanicals CBD Vape Oil Pens are undoubtedly the way to go if you’re looking for something to imitate the sensation of smoking. They are less harmful than your average vape pen, and they’ll be worth your while. Also, use the amazing Extract Labs CBD Vape Oil and enjoy the flavors!

All in all, e-cigarettes, in general, will not fail you, and if you find the right one, you're in for a treat.