The Best DNA Mod – The Ultimate Top 5 List

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Experienced vapers love using unregulated devices because they offer them the ability to set their puff’s tone by overextending their mod’s limitations. However, it’ll take some time for you to reach that level if you’re a novice vaper who’s just getting into the mod sphere of life.

Regulated devices have chipsets that offer many features that regulate how you vape and enjoy your overall vaping sessions, and one of the best chipsets out there is Evolv’s DNA chipset.

We’ve done our digging and found the best DNA mod on the market and four more, which we’ll extensively discuss in the following paragraphs.

Stay tuned to read our buyer’s guide as well to give you an insight on what is it that makes the best DNA vape mods.

The Best DNA Mods Compared - Main Characteristics




Wattage Output



1-200 W

Dual 18650 Batteries


1-200 W

Dual 20700/21700 Batteries


1-200 W

Dual 18650 Batteries


1-75 W

Single High-Amp 18650 Battery


1-75 W

Single High-Amp 20700 Battery (Optional 18650)

The Best DNA Box Mods - Top 5 Reviews

LOST VAPE LVE PARANORMAL 200W BOX MOD - Power and Intelligence
  • Type of Chipset: DNA250C
  • Wattage Output: 1-200 W
  • Battery Requirement: Dual 18650 Batteries

There’s no better way to start with our reviews than with the best DNA 250 mod we could find. Here’s the phenomenal Lost Vape Paranormal box mod.

It doesn’t matter where you’ll start your search for DNA chip mods, but it’ll always lead to Lost Vape and their products. They are famous for integrating DNA250C and DNA75C chipsets that are currently dominating the regulated vape mod industry.

In this case, Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C has an abundance of features that will amaze you.

Firstly, the chipset allows for complete control of your device, including wattage control, temperature control, replay mode, and preheat options for sub-ohm cloud production. Boosted by the chipset and dual 18650 batteries, this box mod offers 98% output when the battery is at its peak, which is outstanding.

In terms of design and build, cast zinc alloy and elegant leather is the salient material used to construct this Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C box mod. It has both matte and metallic finishes on the side that are combined with beautiful color schemes that make this one of the most attractive vape mods on the market.

Its characteristic won’t disappoint you either - starting with the maximum 600°F temperature range, 200 watts output, and no matter what coils you use, the minimum resistance is set to 0.1 ohms that enable top of line sub-ohm sessions.

When you factor in the safety features integrated within the DNA250C, you get one hell of a regulated box mod.

  • Preheat and replay mode, and temperature control
  • Zinc alloy and leather build
  • Minimum resistance
  • Dual 18650 Batteries
  • The peak of DNA250C mods 
  • /

DOVPO ODIN BOX MOD - Visual Dominance
  • Type of Chipset: DNA250C
  • Wattage Output: 1-200 W
  • Battery Requirement: Dual 20700/21700 Batteries

Whether we’re talking about vapes or buying a new phone, we all love having devices that are both efficient and beautiful at the same time. In this case, the DOVPO company made sure to balance it all out and find common ground with the DOVPO Odin Box Mod.

This box mod has incredibly demanding power specifications, which is why dual 20700/21700 batteries power it, and this basically means two things - you’ll have an abundance of battery life on your hands, and the output will be beyond what you expected.

The maximum wattage output is set to 200 W, and when you combine that with the right temperature alongside the right coil, you’ll successfully avoid ending up with dry hits. It has both VW and temperature control mode where you can set the resistance below 1.0 ohms to sub-ohm with ease.

When it comes to design, you’ll notice right away that this is the product for you. It’s constructed out of zinc alloy, has a futuristic design with a skull-shaped firing button, and a completely matte finish.

The DNA250C includes overheat and atomizer protection and cell by cell monitoring. It also has all the safety features that a powerful box mod should have to avoid damages, short circuits, and battery failure.

You’ll have to put aside a fair amount of money to purchase this line of DNA 250 mods, but you won’t regret it one bit.

  • Design and build
  • Temperature control, TCR, and Power mode
  • Battery life
  • DNA250C chipset
  • Expensive

  • Type of Chipset: DNA250C
  • Wattage Output: 1-200 W
  • Battery Requirement: Dual 18650 Batteries

If you’re looking for stability in your vape mod, you have to hear what we have to say about this one. Without further ado, let’s jump into the Lost Vape Centaurus DNA Box Mod review.

The best DNA 200 mod has been upgraded to DNA250C models that are a step towards newer intelligence and better stability. The Lost Vape has made sure to follow this pattern and produce the best products out there, such as this one.

The Lost Vape Centaurus features the flagship DNA250C chipset that everyone’s talking about these days, but that’s not its only pro. Coupled with the dual 18650 batteries, this box mod can output nearly 200 watts, and it will do so efficiently thanks to the boost mode that cuts ramp-up time significantly.

Speaking of modes, one of the best features of this vape is the replay mode that attempts to mimic your last puff’s settings, including wattage output, the temperature of the coil, and the ramp-up time.

Lost Vape has a couple more tricks up their sleeves, including the overall design that they’re famous for. Maintaining the box shape, this vape DNA mod has metallic and matte finishes coupled with elegant and beautiful color schemes that you simply must love.

The only thing that we could consider as a flaw is that it’s a bit underwhelming compared to the Lost Vape Paranormal. It has its perks, but the Paranormal is objectively better DNA mod.

  • Replay and boost mode
  • Temperature control
  • Dual 18650 battery platform
  • Battery life
  • Underwhelming compared to the Lost Vape Paranormal

  • Type of Chipset: DNA75C
  • Wattage Output: 1-75 W
  • Battery Requirement: Single High-Amp 18650 Battery

As we move on from 250C DNA mods, the next two products are smaller box mods that feature the DNA75C chipset, which is a step back from the newer generations but powerful nonetheless. Here’s the DOVPO X Signature Tips MONO SQ Box Mod.

As we said, DNA75C mods may be a step back, but they still maintain popularity within the vaping industry due to their ergonomic and smaller sizes. This DNA mod has a simplistic and modern design with an ergonomic grip that makes holding a vape much more comfortable than you normally would a DNA250C vape mod.

Furthermore, the chipset allows for 75 watts of maximum output, which is more than enough to allow for strong puffs with primary cloud production. However, you’ll still be able to set the temperature between 200 and 600°F, which will, in turn, make up for quality hits.

As the previous DNA mod, this one also has the replay mode, enabling you to mimic the last puff’s settings. Also, it’s a bit disappointing that this DNA mod is powered by a single 18650 battery, which will give you average battery life, and it’s not included in the package.

However, 75C DNA mods have safety features that are very similar to those that DNA250C modes have, so if you’re looking for a budget pick with a DNA chipset, you won’t go wrong with this vape mod.

  • 75C Best DNA mods
  • Temperature control
  • Replay mode
  • Safety features
  • Battery
  • The batteries not included

  • Type of Chipset: DNA75C
  • Wattage Output: 1-75 W
  • Battery Requirement: Single High-Amp 20700 Battery (Optional 18650)

Lastly, we have a rather authentic product that you’ll appreciate due to its originality, but also performance. Let’s dig into the Asmodus & Ultroner Thor II Box Mod.

It’s all about the build with this vape mod. It has an acrylic and stabilized wood chassis that you can modify with the wood buffer you’ll get in the package. The design itself has beautiful patterns and schemes that younger vapers will appreciate.

When it comes to battery life, this vape mod utilizes a 20700 battery, but you’ll also get an adapter sleeve, which you can use to integrate the 18650 battery if you have one lying around. It’ll be enough to support the requirements for this DNA mod’s features.

The DNA75C chipset allows for a maximum of 75 watts output, with the temperature range from 200 to 600°F. However, you can modify the preset options via the selection buttons or the three adjustment buttons.

It also comes with TFR and TCR mode, plus, it’s compatible with titanium, nickel, and steel wires.

The only reason we’ve put this box mod in the last place is that it falls short in comparison to the previous DNA mods. Still, that does not mean it’s terrible, and it undoubtedly deserves a spot on the best DNA mods list.

  • Integrates the DNA75C chipset
  • Temperature range
  • Authentic design
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive
  • Falls short in comparison to previous DNA mods

Learning the Ropes of DNA Mods - Buyer’s Guide

So many choices, and most often than not, you’ll use one vape mod for a long time. So, how do you choose? Well, when it comes to DNA mods, there are a couple of factors you should consider before you run out and buy one.

We’ll guide you through all of them so you can make the final decision when you’re ready.

Let’s go.

1. Battery Source

 best dna mod single battery

First of all, whichever DNA chipset or any chipset for that matter, you use, they require a lot of power. Starting from the safety features, then moving on to different modes, and finalizing at delivering output and monitoring processes in the vape, your device will require a strong battery.

This is why the best DNA mods usually pack two 18650 batteries or even more at times, while some incorporate dual 20700/21700 to procure that type of power.

Of course, some best DNA mods with less demanding chipsets have single high-amp batteries, like our fourth and fifth vape mod, but it’s only due to their size. In other cases, consider browsing through box mods that offer enough power to fire up your vape.

2. DNA250C or DNA75C?

In essence, DNA250C vape mods have newer and more updated chips than the latter, so if you’re looking for the best, this is your answer.

However, there are several reasons why you should think twice.

First of all, 75C chipsets have lower wattage limits, which may be a downside for you. This is because the manufacturer brought down the price by utilizing this specific chip, and it’s more suitable for smaller DNA mods for less experienced vapers.

Furthermore, they are both one of the leading chipsets in Evolv’s history and are frequently updated with more specific safety features and screen options.

To conclude, it might not be wrong to choose the 75C over 250C if you’re looking for something less potent and durable.

3. Price

best dna mod vape

You may have noticed that all DNA mods require you to invest a bit more into their purchase.

Of course, the culprit for this is the DNA chip that is crushing the competition and has a monopoly over all regulated mods. This is why their prices are very high so think wisely before purchasing one.

If you’re a fan of DNA mods and still want a budget pick, you can go for the DNA200 mods and DNA75 mods since their prices are much more affordable.

Best Feature

Product Name


Power and Intelligence

Lost Vape LVE Paranormal 200W Box Mod

Visual Dominance

DOVPO Odin Box Mod

Replay Mode

Lost Vape Centaurus DNA Box Mod

The Best DNA 75 Mod

DOVPO X Signature Tips MONO SQ Box Mod

Single-Battery Configuration

Asmodus & Ultroner Thor II Box Mod

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DNA mod?

best dna model project

Calling it a DNA mod might be a cause for confusion.

In layman terms, it’s a vape that incorporates Evolv’s DNA powerful chipsets. They are famous for their superior intelligence and safety features that are a necessity when it comes to vape products.

Evolv’s chipsets have evolved by incorporating new features such as temperature control, bypass mode, and replay mode over the years.

Overall, these chipsets represent a game-changer in the vaping industry, and many manufacturers strive towards imitating their style.

What is a DNA box mod?

It’s the same as a regular DNA mod, except that all integral parts of the vape, including the chipset, are stored in a box-shaped device.

They usually have removable batteries and extensive features that are not that common with a regular vape mod, e-pen, or pod.

Which DNA 200 mod has the best battery life?

Honestly, it’s hard to tell because they all have similar characteristics, and it depends on the vaper’s preferences in terms of wattage output and general habits.

In our opinion, it’s the Lavabox 200 DNA lines of mods.

Final Thoughts - Summary

As the conclusion draws near, let’s recap some of the main points from this article and select the top 3.

If you’re a beginner vaper and you’re just about to make the transition from vape pods to more extensive mods, DNA mods should be your go-to products. 

As a novice, you’ll need a regulated device that’ll help keep everything in check, and there’s no greater monitoring than by Evolv’s chipset, especially if you choose a product like the Lost Vape LVE Paranormal 200W Box Mod. It’s got features that make it one of the best mods out there, regardless of the chipset, and its efficiency is astronomical.

Of course, you won’t make a wrong choice if you go for the DOVPO Odin Box Mod or the Lost Vape Centaurus DNA Box Mod as they undoubtedly deserve to be called the best DNA mod out there. Thanks to their tremendous batteries and incredible power, you’ll be able to push through the thickest clouds and still maintain enough energy to do it all over again.

However, all of these products will do you right, and you won’t regret a single moment of using them as they are deemed the best, especially the Lost Vape collection.

Don’t wander around and waste time browsing through internet pages when you can find all you need in this article!