Best Electronic Cigarettes – Everything You Need to Know About Vaping

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When Han Li, a Chinese pharmacist, invented the electronic cigarette, he never dreamed this device would become so popular. All he wanted was to find a safer way to inhale nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes became an instant hit in China, and soon after the world. The first electronic cigarette hit the US market in late 2006. Since then, the e-cig market for these devices has grown a thousandfold. Today, there are literally thousands of brands of e-cigs.

It's incredibly easy to get lost in the sea of e-cigarette brands, and what can seem like a quick shop can turn into a nightmare. Thankfully, you have us!

Today, we'll go through our top 10 picks for the best electronic cigarette you can find in 2020 as well as answer all questions you might have about vaping.

Best E-Cigarette Compared

If you're in a hurry and don't have time to go through the whole article, we got you covered. Here's a nifty little table that lists all the most essential specs of the electronic cigarettes we reviewed:





Tank Capacity


Disposable CBD Pen


Integrated Disposable Battery

30-50 mg CBD


Vape Pod

4.25 x 0.8 x 0.43 inches

350 mAh

2 mL

1.2 Ohm

Vape Oil



0.017 oz


Box Mod

4.25 x 1.09 x 1.54 inches

1500 mAh

3 mL

0.6 Ohm

Drag activated AIO kit

0.3x10 inches

650 mAh, 900 mAh, or 1500 mAh

6 mL

2.5 Ohm

Vape Pod

3.31 x 1.04 x 0.53 inches

350 mAh

2 mL

1.2 Ohm

Vape Pen

4 x 0.8 inches

280 mAh

1 mL

1.6 Ohm

Box Mod

3.61 x 2.85 x 1.42 inches

2547 mAh or 3000 mAh

9 mL

0.17 Ohm and 0.12 Ohm

Disposable pod vape

3.63x0,68x0,37 inches

270 mAh

1.4 mL

0.2 Ohm

AIO Vape Pen

4.65 x 0.75 inches

1500 mAh

2 mL

0.6 Ohm

10 Best Electronic Cigarettes of 2020

If you've decided to switch from smoking regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, you can quickly find yourself lost in a sea of different brands and e-cig types. This is why it's incredibly easy to opt-in for an e-cig that won't fulfill your expectations, and will just make you feel like you wasted your hard-earned money.

We've gone through all the best e-cigarette brands and hundreds of less known brands to give you the eight best e-cigarettes you can buy in 2020.

We made sure to include both beginner-friendly and advanced vaping kits.

We also reviewed one of the best disposable vape for those who are still on the fence when it comes to electronic cigarettes you can find.

So, let's jump right in and find out what's the best e-cig for your needs!

CBDfx Vape Pen - Best CBD Pen

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There is an abundance of vaping products out there, ranging from your simplest e-pens to advanced vape mods.

They all offer different vaping methods, strength, output, and sensation, but the one thing they have in common is reaching the end goal, which is getting that e-liquid vapor directly into you. However, here's a product that operates a bit differently, the CBDfx Vape Pen.

Vape pens are pretty standard when it comes to their build.

They most often have integrated internals, such as the battery, atomizer, the 510 connection, and the tank. What's different about this pen, however, is the CBD-dedicated tank.

In this case, the pen is disposable, meaning you'll use it, and after you've depleted its juice, you'll throw it out and move on to the next one. Also, the battery life is constructed in a way to match the amount of CBD oil so that you won't run out on either one before its due date.

There are multiple different pens to choose from, ranging from fruity and fresh flavors to the difference in the amount of CBD oil. We personally enjoyed the Strawberry Lemonade, Pineapple Express, and the Fresh Mint Pen. This device will give you approximately 150 to 200 hits, based on the pen you choose to purchase.

Also, the Blue Raspberry is a unique experience that you should definitely try if you plan on ordering. All the flavors are already set-up and await you. Everything on your end is to take the pen out of the package and start vaping - simple as that.

The reason we're biased towards this manufacturer is the pureness and overall quality of its herbs. They are grown without any additives, and their strains offer a unique experience that simply cannot be matched by a pod system or a vape mod. The sheer amount of stress-relief you'll get from vaping on these products is outstanding.

These products are a bit expensive in the field of disposables, but they are currently on a site's discount, so you won't feel a massive difference in your wallet if you order one or two.

In essence, CBD pens are an excellent way to start your vaping career, especially if you're coming off cigarettes since they've proven to be one of the best transitional vape products.

  • Unique flavors
  • Stress relief
  • Pure CBD strains
  • On discount
  • A bit expensive compared to other disposables

Relx Starter Kit - Best Beginner Vape Starter Kit
  • Type: Vape Pod
  • Dimensions: 4.25 x 0.8 x 0.43 inches
  • Battery: 350 mAh
  • Tank Capacity: 2 mL
  • Coils: 1.2 Ohm

If you've decided to switch from cigarettes to vaping, Relx is the best e-cig brand you can go for. A brainchild of one of the Uber executives, Relx, is the only e-cig brand around that specially caters to beginners. Let's take an in-depth look and see why.

Out of the box, you get the e-cig base, a Relx nicotine salt pod, and a USB charging cable. This is why this vape is the best choice for beginners. There is no special setup required, all you have to do is plug in the pod with the base and start vaping!

The base features a 350 mAh battery and features a sleek, stealthy design. We especially love the aluminum finish because it makes holding this e-cig incredibly satisfying. This e-cig is available in almost a dozen different colors ranging from mat black to gradient colors.

The charging port is located on the bottom, which might annoy some of you because you won't be able to keep it upright while charging. However, if the charging port was located on the side, it would hurt the sleek and stealthy design of this starter kit.

The main reason why this e-cig is the best choice for beginners is that it comes with a pre-filled pod. The pod features an innovative honeycomb ceramic atomizer that ensures each drag is satisfying, full of flavor, and vapor.

Of course, it's not all about the atomizer, the e-juice also plays a huge role. The e-juice features high-quality nicotine salts that'll satisfy your cravings in just a couple of drags.

The pod that comes with this e-cigarette starter kit is mint-flavored, but these pre-filled pods also come in a whole slew of other flavors. We especially love some of the more fruity flavors like Tropical Fruit and Ruby Burst. Each pod comes with 2 ml of e-juice and will last for around 500 to 600 hits.

When it comes to nicotine concentration, you can choose between 3%, 5%, and 0% pods. We recommend you go for the 3% pods because they have the most flavors and aren't as hard on your throat as the 5% ones. Heck, you can try them all, since any order over $90 comes with free shipping.

  • Easy to use
  • Sleek, stealthy design
  • Produces a lot of vapor for an affordable electronic cigarette
  • Pre-filled pods are available in a dozen different flavors
  • Very affordable
  • You can’t refill the pods
  • The charging cable is too short

Extract Labs CBD Vape Oil and Juice - Best Oil for CBD Electronic Cigarettes

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The next product is not exactly an electronic cigarette, but it's closely connected to the field. Let's talk about the Extract Labs CBD Vape Oil and Juice.

Even though this is not an electronic cigarette, it's a quality and critical ingredient to CBD vapes. Unlike the first product that's disposable, you'll find top-of-the-line CBD vape kits that require special cartridges like this one.

Extract Labs' Vape Oils are superior in many regards.

Firstly, they are constructed and derived from the purest hemp plants with no additives. Also, acetates are a common byproduct of CBD manufacturing that is extremely dangerous to health. Of course, this product has no vitamin E acetates whatsoever.

Moreover, extract cartridges are constructed in a way to help you get the max out of your vaping sessions. With a blend of cannabinoids and fruity terpenes, these CBD oils combine to help you reach the effect of complete calm with no anxiety.

Also, vaping on CBD oils outmatches any other type of CBD intake due to the spread of its particles in the bloodstream. Using vaporizers with dry herbs will get you the same result but in the longer run. This way, you'll enjoy the effects of CBD much faster in a more efficient way.

You should know that these extracts are entirely legal and follow the maximum 0.3% THC guidelines in each CBD strain. As for the flavors, we genuinely recommend you try the Strawnana Extract tank - it's fruity, fresh, and incredibly tasty.

These extraordinary cartridges are not meant to be refilled; you'll simply pop them in, use them, and then discard them. They are compatible with all 510-threaded batteries and devices, so you won't have any issues putting them in with a regular 510 connector.

The only issue is that they're expensive, but remember you're paying for a quality vaping session and not just a regular hit to keep you throughout the day. All in all, it's a product worth the price.

  • A fresh combination of cannabinoids and fruity terpenes
  • 0.3% THC
  • 510-threaded
  • Anxiety reliever
  • Price

Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Box Mod Kit - Best Vape Mod Box
  • Type: Box Mod
  • Dimensions: 4.25 x 1.09 x 1.54 inches
  • Battery: 1500 mAh
  • Tank Capacity: 3 mL
  • Coils: 0.6 Ohm

If you're looking for a mod box that's impossible to break and offers an excellent vaping experience, then look no further than Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Box Mod Kit.

Produced by the legendary vape brand Geekvape, Aegis Boost Pod Box Mod is one of the few vaping mods that's IPV-67 rated. This means that it's not only waterproof but also shockproof and dustproof.

Out of the box, you get the base, pod, a 0.6 Ohm mesh coil, a USB cable, and a user manual. Once you open the box, you'll be blown away by the design of this device. It's designed more like a piece of tactical equipment you'd see on a SWAT operator or in a video-game, and it's awesome.

The base features a leather grip and has beautiful rubber and metal accents. On top of that, it also features an LED display that displays the battery charge, wattage, and the number of hits left. The base has an inbuilt 1500 mAh battery, which is more than enough battery life to last you for up to two days.

The pod can hold up to 3 milliliters of e-juice and is refillable. What's more, if you're not satisfied with the coil that comes with this kit, you can replace it with a coil that better suits your vaping preferences. On top of that, the pod comes with top drip tips: oval and round

Depending on how you vape, you can opt for a different tip. If you're into direct-to-lung vaping, go for the oval tip. If you're for a more traditional cigarette-like vaping, go for the round trip.

Refilling is a breeze and takes only a couple of seconds. Just open the top of the pod, pour your e-juice, and you're done.

For the best vaping experience, you can adjust the airflow by playing around with the dial located right below the pod: the more airflow, the more vapor. No matter how you set the airflow, you can rest assured that every hit will be satisfying and full of flavor.

The only thing we don't like about this box mod is the dust cover. The dust cover is far to loose, which means you're probably going to lose it after a couple of days.

  • Incredibly durable
  • Superb design
  • Excellent battery life
  • Features an LCD display with all the important information
  • Comes with two drip tips
  • The dust cover is a bit too loose

Vapor Zeus Auto - Best Vape Pen For Beginners
  • Type: Drag activated AIO kit
  • Dimensions: 0.3x10 inches
  • Battery: 650 mAh, 900 mAh, or 1500 mAh
  • Tank Capacity: 6 mL 
  • Coils: 2.5 Ohm

Vapor Zeus Auto is the closest thing you can find to a traditional cigarette. What do we mean by that? Well, there are no complicated settings, no messing with the programming, just screw in the Smileomizer and drag a throat hit that feels just like a real cigarette.

Out of the box, you get the e-cig battery, 2 Smilomizers, a USB charging cable, a wall adapter, and you can also opt-in for a 30 Ml bottle of e-liquid of your choice. For the price, you're getting quite a lot of value.

The best thing about this e-cigarette is the sheer amount of choice you get. Not only can you choose between six different colors, but you can also select the size of the battery: 650 mAh, 900 mAh, and 1300 mAh.

We recommend you go for the 1500 mAh Vapor Zeus Auto because it offers a whopping 16 hours of battery life. This is more than enough juice to last you for a week.

When it comes to vapor production, this e-cig is the best choice for those who are switching from traditional cigarettes to vaping because the Smielomizer is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping. This means you first drag the vapor to your mouth and then inhale, just like with traditional cigarettes! With just one drag, you'll be able to fill half the room with white vapor!

On top of all this, the tip is chewable, just like with a real cigarette. What's more, since there are no buttons, all you have to do to fill your mouth with delicious vapor is just to take a drag. The device turns on automatically when it senses you're dragging on it.

The only issue we have with this device is that there are no indicators on how much charge you have left. If you go for the 1500 mAh battery, this problem will be even more pronounced because you won't charge the device as often as you would if you bought a 650 mAh version. This is why we recommend you always keep the charger close at hand.

And don't worry about not being able to vape while the device is charging. Thanks to the pass-through technology, you can get your hit of nicotine even while this e-cigarette is charging!

  • Best choice for beginners
  • Produces a lot of vapor
  • Easy to use
  • Massive battery capacity
  • No battery indicator
  • A bit too large

  • Type: Vape Pod
  • Dimensions: 3.31 x 1.04 x 0.53 inches
  • Battery: 350 mAh
  • Tank Capacity: 2 mL
  • Coils: 1.2 Ohm

If you're looking for an e-cigarette that's tiny and can take up just about any type of e-juice out there, then the Vaporesso OSMALL is the best vape brand. This e-cig measures only 84 millimeters in length. It's so small, people won't notice it until you take a hit.

Out of the box, you get a 350 mAh battery, a 1.2ohm coil, a USB charging cable, user manual, and a warranty card.

Although this device costs less than $20, it feels really high quality because the chassis is built out of zinc-alloy. What's more, it also features a crisscrossing diagonal textured pattern that gives it additional flare and ensures it won't accidentally slip out of your hand. And since this is a drag-activated system, there's no unnecessary clutter on the chassis.

The main feature of this 2mL vape is the pod. It's designed to bring you the full flavor of the e-liquid you're vaping. The pod features a 1.2ohm coil that's surrounded by a special blend of flax cotton and non-woven fabric. This special blend is the reason why you'll be able to enjoy throat hits that are not just full of flavor, but also vapor.

The vapor production is really awesome for such an affordable vape pod. The amount of vapor it produces is almost identical to a regular cigarette. This is why you should give this device a go if you prefer mouth-to-lung vaping.

The pod uses a magnetic clip to attach to the base and is filled from the side. You'll find a small silicone plug that'll reveal the refill hole. Depending on what e-liquid you're using, this process can be quite difficult. If you like more viscous e-juices, you'll have to shake the pod in to fill it to the top.

Once you've refiled the pod, just plop it back onto the base, and you're good to go.

The worst part about this device is the underpowered battery. 350mAh will only last for a couple of hours. Thankfully, this vape features a pass-through system so you can use it while it's charging.

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Delivers the full e-juice flavor
  • Can be used with most types of e-juice
  • Underpowered battery

Rubi Vape Pen - Best Stealthy Vape Pen
  • Type: Vape Pen
  • Dimensions: 4 x 0.8 inches
  • Battery: 280 mAh
  • Tank Capacity: 1 mL
  • Coils: 1.6 Ohm

Need a really compact vape with an open system? The KandyPens Rubi might be the perfect match for you. This vape clocks in at only 4 inches (101 mm) in height. With a size like that, it can easily fit almost entirely in your palm. What's more, this is the best e-cig you can buy if stealth is your primary concern.

It comes with a lifetime warranty on its 280 mAh battery, which already has a long battery life and charges in under 1 hour 20 mins.

With the low price tag of less than $50 and a compact look, it's the best vape when you're on-the-go. What's more, its open system means you don't have to buy pre-packaged cartridges. Instead, you can open the vape and refill it with your own oil.

The main feature of this vape is its refillable 1mL pod. It's designed to be leak-free and durable. The pod's ceramic coil wrapped in organic Japanese cotton and air activation, paired with an automatic shutdown will bring out the full flavor of the e-liquid while minimizing spitback.

The vapor production is pretty incredible for such a small and affordable vape pod. It can produce enormous clouds for a device of its size. It says on the box that it's designed for direct to lung vaping, but I wouldn't be surprised if you need to vape mouth to lung.

Refilling the pod is as simple as it gets. Take it out, check the current content, remove the stopper, use a needle-tip dropper to add more, and put back the stopper.

Once you've refilled the pod, insert it back until you hear, and you're good to go.

The biggest con about this device is its low capacity battery. 280mAh will only amount to about an hour or so. What's more, it doesn't support pass-through charging. It also doesn't have any way of telling how much e-juice is left without removing the pod to check.

Ultimately, these cons are only minor when compared to the smoothness this compact device will deliver.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Refillable pods
  • Good vapor production
  • Underpowered battery
  • No e-juice level window
  • No pass-through

Smok Mag P3 - Best Feature Rich Starter Kit
  • Type: Box Mod
  • Dimensions: 3.61 x 2.85 x 1.42 inches
  • Battery: 2547 mAh or 3000 mAh
  • Tank Capacity: 9 mL
  • Coils: 0.17 Ohm and 0.12 Ohm

If you're one to chase after new and exciting features in e-cigs, then the Smok Mag P3 will likely pique your interest. Although not too big itself (only 91mm x 72mm), it comes equipped with a variety of relatively niche features.

Out of the box, you will notice its rugged, durable design, and the touchpad on the front won't be too hard to miss either.

At a $100 price range, this tank-style-e-cigarette comes with IP67 compliance, meaning it is dust-proof and waterproof up to 1 meter of depth. That's not all; another exquisite feature is its responsive touchpad that can be locked using a password!

The biggest selling point of this vape is its adjustable wattage and temperature range. It spans from 1 to 230 watts of power. It comes in two capacities, the bigger 9mL, and smaller 2mL. European users can only get the 2mL capacity and 0.2-ohm coils because of trade laws.

It has a nice smooth rubbery coating that facilitates easy gripping. It's shaped like a pistol grip and has a trigger activation button, which is used to turn it on too. The display shows various stats like wattage and last puff duration.

It's pretty heavy, weighing in at 345g without batteries. It takes two 18650 batteries, which aren't included. The battery compartment has both polarity and A/B labels for your batteries, which is useful because it provides a separate charge meter for them.

The 0.2-ohm coil is slightly conically shaped and is meshed with organic cotton. It is able to bring out a surprising amount of flavor.

There are a few hiccups you might encounter with this device. The touchscreen is positioned just on one side, meaning it'll be facing your palm if you hold it in your left hand. The grip is equally as good in both hands, though.

When it comes to performance, though, the Smok Mag P3 will not disappoint.

  • Easy to use
  • Big power output
  • Large tank size
  • Durable design
  • Batteries not included
  • One-sided touchscreen
  • Relatively heavy

Relx Nano - Best Disposable E-Cig
  • Type: Disposable pod vape
  • Dimensions: 3.63x0,68x0,37 inches
  • Battery: 270 mAh
  • Tank Capacity: 1.4 mL
  • Coils: 0.2 Ohm

If you're still on the fence about e-cigarettes, there is an awesome way to give them a try without investing a lot of money. Enter, Relx Nano 2, a disposable pod-style-e-cigarette. Out of all brands out there, this is one the best disposable e-cig you can find on the current market. Let's go more in-depth.

Out of the box, you get just the Relx nano 2. There are no additional goodies, which is quite common for disposable e-cigs. Since there isn't much to talk about the extra goodies, let's talk about the design of this e-cig.

Relx Nano 2 looks like it's cousin, the Relx Pod. In fact, it's almost identical in size and design to the Relx Starter Kit. This is why you should be careful when purchasing these pods online, so you don't confuse the two.

Just like the refillable Relx Pod, Nano 2 features the same minimalist oval design. And as far as vape pod design goes, this is one of the best ones. Not only does it feel good in the hand, but it also fits inside most pockets and is quite stealthy. People won't notice it until you take a hit from it.

This disposable e-cig features a 1.4 mL pod and a 270mAh battery. This is more than enough battery life and e-liquid for around 200 puffs. For a price that under $5, that's quite the value you're getting.

The best thing about Relx Nano 2 vape pens is that they come in quite a few flavors. You can choose between six different flavors that range from fruity (like Fresh Red) to minty (like Ludou Ice). The vapor production is quite astounding for a disposable vape pen. No matter if you're doing MTL or DTL, you can rest assured each hit will be full of flavor and vapor.

The only downside to this e-cig is the cost in the long run. If you decide to fully commit to these vapes, each recharge will cost you around $10.

  • Best disposable e-cig you can find on the market
  • Easy to use
  • Good for 200 puffs
  • Stylish and stealthy
  • Can easily run up the cost if you use it on the regular
  • Underpowered battery

  • Type: AIO Vape Pen
  • Dimensions: 4.65 x 0.75 inches
  • Battery: 1500 mAh
  • Tank Capacity: 2 mL
  • Coils: 0.6 Ohm

Planning on quitting smoking or just supplementing it with vaping? Joyetech Ego AIO e-cigarette starter kit is the best e-cig just for that. Joyetech specially designed this e-cig for those who are transitioning from regular cigarettes to vaping. Even if you're an advanced vape user, you will find that this device offers quite a lot of features other AIO e-cigs don't.

Out of the box, you get the 1500 mAh battery, a charging cable, two 0.6-ohm coils, and a user manual. We like the additional coil because that's the first thing you're going to burn through, and having an extra one saves you time and money.

When it comes to the vape pen itself, it's quite stealthy, albeit a bit boring. The overall design closely resembles a regular cigarette, which some might find stylish, but not us. The color options are not that great, either. Besides the black color, other options are a bit too flashy and tacky for our taste.

Thankfully, it's not all about the design. This electronic cigarette comes with something other e-cigarettes don't, and that's a child lock. Your child won't be able to unscrew the atomizer cap and accidentally ingest the e-liquid. We wish more vape pens included this feature.

When it comes to ease of use, this e-cig is a breeze to use. All you have to do is press the button on the side and start pulling. Depending on the way you like to vape, you can adjust the airflow by turning the ring right below the mouthpiece.

We especially love the design of the mouthpiece. Thanks to its spiral design, there is no chance you experience any spitback, no matter how hard you drag on it. And don't worry about vapor. Even if you use a thick e-liquid, each hit will be quite flavorful and full of vapor.

The only downside to this electronic cigarette (besides the design) is the tank capacity. Because it can hold only 2mL of e-liquid, you will have to refill it daily. With that said, thanks to its affordable price, this is one the best AIO starter kit you can find on the current market.

  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Comes with two 0.6-ohm coils
  • Very affordable
  • Not the best looking e-cig out there
  • Tacky color options

What You Should Consider When Buying An Electric Cigarette

No matter if you decided to buy an e-cig to quit smoking or you're just attracted to the whole vaping culture, buying your first vape pen can be quite difficult.

You may think something like, "What could possibly be difficult and confusing about buying an e-cigarette? You just walk into the store, buy the vape, and you're done". Unfortunately, you couldn't be more wrong.

By walking into the store without any research or without any vape pen in mind, you'll be bombarded with questions and terms like box mods, eGo, PG/VG ratio, throat hit, and sub ohming. If you're not familiar with these terms, you'll be staring at the salesperson with no clue what you've just been asked.

It's just like when you visit the doctor, and he starts throwing around medical terms like you understand those terms. If you're not a medic yourself, you'll be staring at the doctor and nodding your head, waiting to finally step out his office and google everything you heard.

The story is just the same when it comes to e-cigs. When buying an e-cigarette, you will be overwhelmed by terms like DTL, MTL, coil type, and many, many other terms. So, here are some things you should consider before you buy your first e-cigarette.

1. Types of E-Cigarettes

best electronic cigarettes 2020

There is more than one type of vaping device you can buy. So, to make a long story short, here are 4 types of e-cigarettes from which you can choose.

  • Cigalikes
    Cigalikes, as their name suggests, look like traditional tobacco cigarettes. Cigalikes operate on small batteries, while the e-liquid and heating coil are contained in the so-called cartomizer.
    You can think about a cartomizer as a filter on the regular cigarette. You draw on the cartomizer, and the vapor comes out.
    You smoke these e-cigs just like you would a tobacco cigarette. However, instead of smoke, you'll be blowing out vapor.
  • Tank Systems
    A tank system is a device that doesn't really look like a classic cigarette, but more like a pen or marker. These e-cigarettes usually look very stylish due to their elegant design. What's more, they come in various shapes and sizes, as well as colors. You have a wide variety of devices from which you can choose, so you can easily find the best vape for your needs.
    For a bit more clarity, the tank system is sometimes referred to as an eGo.
    These e-cigs contain a tank where the e-liquid and replaceable coils are stored, thus the name tank systems. Tank systems operate on batteries that usually last much longer than those in cigalikes.
    Apart from their appearance, the main difference between tank systems and cigalikes is that you need to press and hold a button to start the vapor production.
  • Vape Mods
    When it comes to e-cigarettes, vape mods are the biggest of them all. Vape mods come in various shapes and sizes, just like tank systems, but are usually box-shaped. These so-called box mods are basically big e-cigarette tank systems. They have practically no resemblance to tobacco cigarettes.
    Box mods have long-lasting battery life and offer many extra features that eGo and cigalikes don't provide. What's more, vape mods can support a wide range of different tanks.
  • Pod Systems
    Pod systems are the most popular type of e-cigarettes. Why? Because pod systems are the perfect mix between box mods and cigalikes.
    When it comes to pod systems, there is a wide variety of models from which you can choose from. It's not only the style that you can choose, but also power, performance, battery life, and e-liquids.
    Although pod systems are easy to use, they are usually not recommended for beginners. If you think that a pod system seems like the best choice for you, no worries. You can find a pod system starter kit that will suit you perfectly.

2. E-Cigarette Design

When choosing the design of the e-cig, don't focus just on its appearance. Yes, the e-cigarette should complement your style. Still, you should also consider functionality, shape, and size, as well as the overall look and feel.

If you're buying your first vape pen, there are two questions every salesperson will ask you. These two questions are: "Do you prefer a two-piece cigalike design?" and "Would a mod that makes more vapor suit you better?"

There is no right answer to these two questions because it's more a personal preference. Keep in mind that there is not just one specific device or brand that offers you a satisfying experience. So, feel free to experiment.

If you're not sure which e-cig design will suit you, we recommend you go to an e-cigarettes store and ask the salesperson for advice.

3. Performance

best electronic cigarettes amazon

The main factors that impact the performance of your e-cig are battery life, variable voltage and wattage, atomizer resistance, and the quality of the e-liquids you'll use. So, let's go more in-depth about these factors.

  • Battery life
    The battery capacity is described in mAh (milliampere-hours) ratings. This rating shows you how much energy the battery can store. If you want a long-lasting battery, look for a high mAh rating.
    Take note that the higher the mAh rating, the bulkier the electronic cigarette will be. We recommend you choose a vape pen that offers the perfect compromise between battery life and portability.
  • Variable Voltage and Wattage
    Vape pens that use variable voltage and wattage work pretty much like a classic device. The main difference between standard e-cigs and advanced personal vapes is that APVs have a circuit whit, which helps them store and regulate power from the battery.
    This basically means that you can adjust the heat of the atomizer or tank for a better vaping experience. By adjusting the voltage, you also adjust the flavor intensity, vapor production, and throat hit.
  • Atomizer Resistance
    The atomizers in electronic cigarettes have different resistance ratings that impact the volume of vapor, temperature, and throat hit. Depending on what you're looking for, you can choose between low, standard, and high resistance atomizers.
    Note that all three types of atomizers can look exactly the same, so always check what the label says.
    If you ever heard the term sub-ohm vaping, that refers to low atomizer resistance that is less than 1.0 ohms. Sub-ohm vaping is a specific vaping style. Rather than drawing the vapor in your mouth and inhaling it, you directly inhale the vapor into your lungs.
  • E-Liquids Quality
    E-liquids are a very important factor you should consider. Do you want an e-liquid that has the taste of a tobacco cigarette, or would you rather like a fruity taste?
    You shouldn't just choose some e-liquid that seems fine to you. Do some research before you buy your e-liquids. We recommend you always buy e-liquids brands from companies that have professional lab facilities so that you're sure you bought a safe and tested product.

4. Quality

When choosing the best vape pen for your needs, you should always check the supplier's reputation. The best way to do that is to look up some user reviews. User reviews will give you some good insight into what you can expect from a certain company.

We recommend that you don't buy imported products because you can't be 100% sure what you'll get. But if you're interested in a particular device that you can't buy in your local e-cigarette store, make sure you do some research before buying.

Does the company offer free shipping? Do they offer a warranty on their products? Does the e-cigarette come with e-liquids that are tested and safe to use?

Best for

Product Name


Best CBD Pen

CBDfx Vape Pen

Best Beginner Vape Starter Kit

Relx Starter Kit

Best Oil for CBD Electronic Cigarettes

Extract Labs CBD Vape Oil and Juice

Best Vape Mod Box

Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Box Mod Kit

Best Vape Pen For Beginners

Vapor Zeus Auto

Best Compact E-Cig

Vaporesso OSMALL

Best Stealthy Vape Pen

Rubi Vape Pen

Best Feature Rich Starter Kit

Smok Mag P3

Best Disposable E-Cig

Relx Nano 2

Best Beginner AIO Starter Kit

Joyetech Ego AIO E-cigarette Starter Kit

Are Electronic Cigarettes More Dangerous Than Regular Cigarettes?

best electronic cigarettes brands

Ever since the Trump Administration decided to put a ban on certain flavors of vaping products, there's been an open debate on the effects of vaping on our health.

On one side, you have people that consider vaping a safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. These people don't deny that there are still risks involving vaping. Since you are inhaling nicotine, there still is a chance you can develop the same types of cancer as if you were smoking regular cigs.

The other side claims electronic cigarettes are far more dangerous than regular cigarettes. The reason why they claim this is that vapes are available in a whole slew of different flavors, which can make them very tempting to children.

On top of that, they also claim vaping can cause a novel type of lung infection that can kill you in a matter of days. While there is truth to this claim, the situation is a bit more complex.

While it is true that vaping did cause a couple of dozen people to develop an incredibly aggressive lung infection, many media outlets omitted the information that they were smoking home-brew THC oils. These home-brew oils could contain any number of harmful substances that could've caused lung infection.

And when it comes to these devices being appealing to children, this claim is totally baseless. Any good parent will teach their kid the dangers of smoking early on. What's more, it's impossible to buy a vape pen without confirming your age.

So, is vaping as dangerous as smoking?

best e-cigarettes available

The answer is NO. Vaping is much safer than smoking cigarettes. However, you have to keep in mind that it's still harmful. Vaping juice does contain far less toxic substances than tobacco cigarette smoke, but that doesn't make it less harmful.

E-cig juice still contains nicotine, which is incredibly addictive, causes cancer, and fetal development issues. On top of that, it contains different aerosols that can reach deep into your lungs as well as other harmful substances like lead and volatile chemicals.

With that said, e-cigs are safer for the people around you. Since you're basically inhaling and exhaling vapor, it tends to stick in the air for a lot shorter than tobacco cigarette smoke. This decreases the dangers of second-hand smoking.

One more important thing you should note is that e-cigarettes are not an aid for quitting smoking. E-cigarettes are not approved by the FDA as a product for quitting smoking. These devices are just a safer alternative for both you (the smoker), and people around you who don't smoke.

If you don't trust us, a recent FDA study revealed that many adults that are using e-cigs and vape pens in an attempt to quit smoking don't actually stop smoking. Many people just switch from regular cigarettes to vapes.

If you are trying to quit smoking, you can try and use nicotine-free vape juice. Some studies have shown that vaping nicotine-free e-juice can lead people to stop smoking eventually. However, keep in mind that the only thing that can make you quit smoking is you.

So, before we get to the conclusion, let's summarize all that we've learned:

  • E-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes, but they are still harmful.
  • Just like tobacco, e-juice contains nicotine, which is incredibly addictive and harmful.
  • While you can use e-cigs as a way to quit smoking, it's not a full-proof method.
  • Vaping is safer for people around you because there's a lot less second-hand smoke.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safest e-cigarette brand?

One that we've come to appreciate is the ECO Vape.

All products, including e-liquids, are designed in a way to protect your body with no harmful substances.

Also, research involving the development of their e-cigs has taken years with a fully-equipped staff.

What is the best e-cig?

It all depends on what you're looking for.

If you're making the switch from tobacco and you're looking for something that's easy to use, and that'll satisfy your needs, we recommend the Relx Starter Kit.

On the other hand, cannabinoids have proven to be highly efficient in eliminating the need for nicotine, which is why you might want to consider the CBDfx Vape Pen. It's tasty, quality-made, and will help you deal with anxiety.

Where to buy electronic cigarettes?

Our site offers you the opportunity to find a large number of products across the web without spending hours on end looking for the best option.

Also, you'll find that a lot of products we offer are on discount, which is a huge plus considering that more advanced vapes can be expensive.


Unfortunately, there is no one best e-cig out there. It all depends on your personal preference and budget. Some might find that the best e-cigarettes out there are box-styled-e-cigs. Others think that the best e=cigarettes are AIO kits.

At the end of the day, there is no right answer. However, that doesn't mean we can have the best electronic cigarette ratings of our own.

CBD vapes have proven to be one of the best tools for people that are trying to quit smoking. If you're in this situation, we highly recommend you try the CBDfx Vape Pen. When you're done with disposables and start using more advanced CBD kits, the Extract Labs' Tanks are there to save the day.

If you're just switching from regular cigarettes to vaping, the best electronic cigarette you can buy is the Relx Starter Kit. It's incredibly easy to use and offers an excellent vaping experience for the price.

If you're into something more advanced, you can go for the Geekvape Aegis Boost Pod Box Mod Kit or the Smok Mag P3.

And if you're looking for something a bit more stealthy, the top e-cig for you would be Rubi Vape Pen.

We hope you learned something new today. If you did, it would be awesome if you shared this article around with your friends.

We also can't wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below!