Everything You Need to Know About It – Mojo Vape Review

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Breaking a bad habit has always been hard to do. Whether it's drinking, gambling, or smoking, it's a rough road ahead of you because of the deeply embedded roots that have been pre-established in your behavior.

Top psychoanalysts recommended hypnosis therapy or what is generally known as Habit Replacement Looping. It works by finding a habit that is not harmful and using it to replace the current one that's damaging your life.

So, we come to the topic of this article, which is the Mojo Vape review. As you'll come to see from this article, it's a great vape pod that, next to pleasure, offers an alternative to regular smoking and helps put it to the ground.

Without prolonging it anymore, let's dive in and see what makes the Mojo Vape so unique and authentic.


Product Name



Mojo Disposable Vape

Manufacturer's Bio

Before we start talking about these products, let's look at who and what the Mojo Vape stands for.

As we've mentioned above, Mojo strives to maintain a healthy balance between a quality lifestyle and top-notch performance. Even though e-cigarettes and pods don't diminish all the hazards that come from smoking, their goal is to minimize the consequences and help many smokers out there.

Breaking the cigarette smoking cycle is their top priority, and they build their pods with that motto in mind. Paying close attention to the design, use, and general characteristics of their devices work in a way that shares no resemblance to smoking standard tobacco cigarettes.

The Official Mojo Vape Review

Let's start with the design. 

When you first take this pod out of the box, you'll notice the pod itself and the lack of accessories. Since this is a disposable vape, the battery and the e-juice are integrated inside, and there's no need to charge it. Actually, trying to charge it can only result in breaking the device.

What strikes the customer's eye at first is the size - it's so small. It weighs slightly above 13 grams, which is virtually nothing, and it's approximately three inches long. It's shaped octagonally and ends with the mouthpiece on the top side. This is highly important as the primary feature of these devices is portability and access on any occasion. You can carry it in your pants' pocket and forget it's even there!

It has a sufficient lithium-ion battery with a 280 mAh power - more than enough to hold out the juice. If we compare this to standard electronic vapes and pods, this battery is more than average. However, it's non-chargeable, but it should last enough.

Each Mojo Disposable holds 1.2 mL of 50 mg of nic salt, but they also come in variations of 20 mg for smokers that enjoy less nicotine level intake. After testing it, we've come to realize that the combination of battery life and e-liquid is meticulously measured and that your battery won't run out before the liquid. In fact, after 250 drags on average, the battery will start dying, and so will the juice.

This is quite impressive, considering that many competitive products tend to have some leftover juice when the battery runs out. In honesty, this is probably the most balanced disposable vape we've witnessed.

mojo vape reviews

What's more impressive is the ratio of size vs. battery life. For a small device, it's rational to assume that it wouldn't last as long, such as some JUUL products. However, the battery life is outstanding!

When it comes to the flavors, Mojo offers you a lineup of the following ones: lemon dessert, menthol, Cubano, strawberry, classic tobacco, cool melon, ice pineapple, and peach. We've tested out three of them, so here are our general impressions.

As far as the Mojo Vape Cubano goes, the throat hit is quite similar to any regular menthol-flavored cig. It hits each time without fail and does not lose its consistency. The taste itself resembles the combination of standard tobacco and leathery aftertastes, with the hints of wood.

If you've been a tobacco smoker beforehand, you'll certainly appreciate this one, as well as the classic tobacco flavor.

For vacation purposes, we highly recommend the Mojo Vape Lemon Dessert. It strikes all the notes with perfection. There is no sharp freshness as with the menthol-flavored cigarettes, but the lightness and the general after tones are impressive. The throat hit is not that noticeable as with the Cubano, so you'll probably go through this one faster than the former. Nevertheless, it's a fantastic flavor, and vapor production is on point.

Also, the price left the most considerable impression on us as customers. For a small, compact, and quality-made device, it's shocking that their overall cost is under ten dollars. If we compare this with other disposable pods on the market, this is a dream come true!

Finally, a noteworthy mention goes to the Classic Tobacco flavor. It may not seem like much, but this flavor strikes different notes than regular cigarettes that you can find in stores. It has wooden undertones like a cigar, but a less invasive throat hit. Former cigarette smokers will undoubtedly appreciate what this flavor brings to the table!

  • Compact
  • Battery life
  • Aftertaste
  • Vapor production
  • Affordable
  • Consistency with different flavors

Mojo Disposable Vape or a Standard Vape Pod?

mojo disposable vape review

Opinions are usually heavily divided when it comes to a topic like this. On the one hand, standard vape pods have their perks.

First off, there's no hassling with buying new products every couple of days. If you have a standard wall adapter and a USB cable, you'll be able to charge your device regularly, with the exception being the need to buy e-liquid or cartridges.

One more perk is that you won't be dependent on the stocks online, and you'll have your own vape pod that is tested and works the best for you. On the other hand, disposable pods require constant purchasing and looking for them online, only to buy a different one when your regular isn't available.

However, disposable pods carry a different kind of assets with them. You're not dependent on battery life in an obvious way. You have your device's average lifespan, and you know for how long it'll function based on your experience. With the Mojo Disposable, you can track your tempo with the number of puffs you take, which is an average of 250.

Also, the price of disposables enables you to experiment more and try out different flavors. If you're not satisfied with some, you can throw it out without worrying too much as they are not that premium at all, especially Mojo's pods.

To conclude, it boils down to your choice, of course. However, if you're a beginner vaper, we strongly recommend that you first try the disposable ones and then work your way up towards standard, chargeable vape pods.

How to Use It?

mojo disposable vape review disposable but not junk

The process is relatively straightforward. When you take it out of the packaging, you'll notice that it has two protections, one tab on the pod's bottom and a rubber plug on the mouthpiece. Before you start vaping, make sure to remove them because the pod won't function with them.

Next, you'll put the pod in your mouth and take a couple of short drags to get the juice flowing, as well as to get accustomed to the intensity of the puff. All that's left from there on is to vape!

When you're near the end of the lifespan, the LED lighting will start notifying you by shining from the air holes located across the pod.

If you're worried about mistaking the pods and flavors, Mojo has thought of that. All the pods have different colors. For example, the menthol one is white with the blue logo, while the cool melon is green with a white logo. Once you go through all the flavors, there's no mistaking them ever again!


Product Name



Mojo Disposable Vape

Final Thoughts - Summary

During our search for the best disposable vape, we've realized that these devices are the innovative technology that makes the world a greater place. Cutting out bad habits with these pods has never been easier with eliminating tar and hazardous substances in all tobacco cigarettes.

When it comes to Mojo vape review, you can rest assured knowing that they are one of the least hazardous disposable pods on the market, and you won't regret the decision to buy them. Overall, they have excellent battery life, vapor production, flavor, e-juice absorption, etc.

Try them out and see for yourself. After all, they are so affordable that you undoubtedly won't feel sorry for the bucks you've invested in it!