Extend Your Vape’s Life With the Best 20700 Battery!

One of the most frequent problems that vapers face is managing their devices' lifespan with the amount of e-juice they have in store. Of course, it takes some time to get used to a new device and to figure out how many puffs take away from your battery's lifespan, but there are instances when all of that can be put aside.

In mid-2017, many manufacturers started dishing out 20700 batteries that offered a lot more than the standard 18650 ones. They were so efficient that people started using them for electric vehicles and cordless devices that require a lot of power with continuous discharge.

However, the best batteries are hard to find, and with the high demand of the 18650's, there is a relatively small market for 20700 batteries. We've taken it upon ourselves to find the best battery 20700 on the market and compiled a list of five of them as it was a close call to figure out which one's the most efficient.

Take a look at our best 20700 battery list, and we'll help you figure out which one will suit you the best!

Best 20700 Battery Vape - Compared

Best for

Product Name




Best Choices

MaHero 20700 3000MAH 40A Battery

3000 mAh

40 A

High-Power Rechargeable Battery

Sanyo - NCR20700A 20700 Flat Top Battery

3300 mAh

30 A

Battery Capacity

IJOY 20700 3000MAH 40A Battery

3000 mAh

40 A

Technologically Advanced

Sherlock 2 Hohm 20700 3116MAH Battery

3116 mAh

30.7 A

Quality Materials

Golisi S32 20700 3200MAH Battery

3200 mAh

30 A

Best 20700 Batteries - Top 5 Reviews

MaHero 20700 3000MAH 40A Battery - Efficiency

Is there a more awesome way to begin than with our favorite? Take a look at the fantastic MaHero 20700 3000MAH 40A Battery.

Since vape mods usually require the best 20700 batteries due to their extensive lifespan, one of the essential features that they should have is the overall capacity.

Of course, there are many aspects to include when choosing the best one, but the 3000 mAh rated capacity of this battery will undoubtedly change your life.

When you combine the capacity with the 3.7 V nominal voltage, you get one heck of a battery.

With a 40 A continuous discharge, you'll be able to vape for four days on average without recharging your device. Of course, this also depends on the amount of e-juice you have left in the tank, but if it's full, you're in for a couple of days of fun.

Furthermore, the discharge current rests on 85 A when it's at max power, which means that heavy vapers will feel all the extents of their vape mods.

This 20700 battery has a standard 20.3 mm and 70.2 mm dimensions, which fit the slot for any device that supports them. What's not so common is the price that this brand of 20700 batteries goes for, which is astronomically low.

If you take a look at this 20700 battery vs 18650, the battery life is greatly extended, and due to its high discharge, you'll be able to get the most out of every e-juice that your device supports. 

In essence, there's no rethinking the choice to get this battery - when we tally up all the specs, this one takes the gold medal.

  • 3000 mAh nominal capacity
  • 40 A discharge current
  • 85 A max current
  • Price/efficiency
  • /

Sanyo - NCR20700A 20700 Flat Top Battery - High-Power Rechargeable Battery

If you've done some digging, you've most certainly come across this bad boy. It's one of the customer favorites, and the specs are there to prove so. We give you the Sanyo - NCR20700A 20700 Flat Top Battery.

Browsing through the web will get you to the conclusion that this is currently the best 20700 battery for vaping, and in many aspects, that is correct. The only reason it holds second place on our list is the subjective preference on our side.

When we take a look at the 3300 mAh nominal capacity that this battery has in store, it's undoubtedly impressive. However, since it has a 30 A max discharge current, we had to reserve the second place for it.

Still, a flat top battery with this high demand should not be disregarded at all. It's a high-power, rechargeable battery for a well-known Japanese manufacturer in the industry that is a household name in 2020, all rights reserved.

Their batteries can sustain not only vaping devices but many cordless ones that require a lot of power with respectable battery life.

The charging process is regulated through a charger that's designed for 20700 batteries. If you can't find a designated 20700 battery charger, your device's USB cable should do the trick.

Their efficiency is remarkable when compared to other products, such as iJoy 20700 batteries. They are incredible as well, but the Sanyo remains cool after continuous use due to its max discharge.

Overall, there's no regretting if you go for Sanyo batteries 20700.

  • High nominal capacity – 3300 mAh
  • Easy to use
  • Trusted manufacturer
  • Strong battery life
  • Maximum discharge

IJOY 20700 3000MAH 40A Battery - Battery Capacity

We've mentioned this one above already and have stated that it's one of the most remarkable batteries on the market right now. Let's dive right into the topic and see what makes the IJOY 20700 3000MAH 40A Battery so unique.

First off, it has just the right combination of battery capacity and features that all of us vapers strive for. The nominal power rests at 3000 mAh, and when you mix that with the 40 A discharge of continuous use, you get one hell of a battery.

Similar to our gold medalist, it can also reach an 85 A max pulse current of discharge, but the most massive problem this brand of 20700 batteries faces is the heat.

Unlike the MaHero 20700 3000MAH 40A Battery, constant vaping heats the battery, so you should take it slow when you feel your device is heating up fast. However, if you're a regular vaper, this won't happen when you're vaping on a constant charge.

This 20700 battery has taken the hearts of many since the nominal voltage is high enough to support mods of all kinds, but it can also be used for purposes besides vaping. You can use it in flashlight and cordless machines that require a 2000 mAh minimal nominal voltage.

Also, it's a bit pricier than the first one, which is why it landed at this spot. Nevertheless, it won't fail, and you'll get to use this rechargeable battery for a long time!

  • Excellent combination of voltage and discharge
  • Verified brand of Li-Ion batteries
  • Its use extends beyond vaping
  • Heats up at maximum discharge

Sherlock 2 Hohm 20700 3116MAH Battery - Technologically Advanced

Up next is the best 20700 battery Mooch ratings have described as not exaggerated. It withstands the efficiency test and brings something new to the table. Let's take a look at the Sherlock 2 Hohm 20700 3116MAH Battery.

Since most of the best 20700 batteries on the market incorporate Lithium-Ion bonds as a proprietary material, this battery stands out as one of the rare ones with a Lithium-Cobalt/Oxide ratio that improves this brand of cells in many ways and consequently, vaping.

The remarkable 3116 nominal capacity enables this battery to excel in performance due to its power outage and a continuous discharge of 30.7 A. It can sustain heavy loads of power and dish out close to 40.6 A at maximum discharge - something that many standard Li-Ion batteries cannot do.

You may have heard about their brand of 18650 cells that also work exceptionally well, but these cells function at higher Hz and deliver much more power to the device due to their specs.

Furthermore, the battery life that this brand of 20700 batteries offers is astronomical and can sustain an average vaper for days at a time.

Its use was initially to power motor appliances, but due to the high demand, Hohm Tech branched out and shared this technology for vapers across the world.

All in all, the price is a bit higher than average, but it will do the things you need and more.

  • The best 20700 batteries with Li-CoO2/C chemistry
  • Strong battery life
  • Efficient in distributing power
  • Customer favorite
  • Price

Golisi S32 20700 3200MAH Battery - Quality Materials

And finally, we have one more efficient brand of vaping cells to offer you. Even though it's taken the last position on our list, it's widely regarded as one of the best 20700 batteries. We present to you the Golisi S32 20700 3200MAH Battery.

The first thing you should know is that these cells are created with grade A materials and constitute a highly-demanded brand of vaping batteries.

Due to its high nominal capacity that rests at 3200 mAh, this battery can give you days worth of vaping without ever having to worry about losing power.

It has a regular 30 A discharge current that delivers enough power for each hit to sink in, even for the more hardcore vapers.

What's also great is that you'll get two packs of these 20700 batteries and a protective case. The price is more extensive than with the rest of the products we've reviewed, but this is the reason. Once you do the math, it boils down to an agreeable price overall.

However, charging should always be performed with the charger that suits this battery. If you can't find it, try your device's USB cable, but do not overcharge it due to the difference in output.

It's not a unique brand of the best 20700 batteries, but it will fulfill your needs and do the job it's supposed to.

  • A fantastic combination of capacity and discharge
  • Protective case
  • Affordable
  • Efficient
  • Charging

Recognizing the Best 20700 Batteries on the Market - Buyer's Guide

best 20700 battery mooch

We've mentioned a lot of details and a lot of numbers that still may bug you. If you're still not sure what's a 20700 battery, what's the difference between 20700 and 21700, and how to choose the right one, we're here for you.

Let's dig in and learn more about the best 20700 batteries.

1. Nominal Capacity

This is one of the first things you'll see in a battery.

It stands for the amount of energy that a battery possesses in a fully-charged state and electricity that can be withdrawn at a continuous discharge.

In essence, the more - the better. 

However, pay attention to the discharge levels - if you have a large capacity, but a small discharge level, there's no logic in getting a battery that can't dish out the energy you need.

2. Compatibility

best 20700 battery for mech mod

Even though most 20700 batteries will fit the slot for your device, you should check the levels of your device's input and output of power and do the same for the battery.

If they don't match, the battery can dish out too much power and end up frying your device.

3. Battery Life

Again, many factors contribute to the lifespan of a battery. 

Once we add the capacity, minimum and maximum discharge levels, as well as the materials used to manufacture the battery, you should get the idea of what kind of battery is the right fit for you.

Overall, you should check your vape mods' instructions first and see what kind of discharge output it requires and then find the battery that corresponds with those levels.

But the more, the better is the appropriate saying here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 20700 battery for vaping?

best 20700 battery charger

Based on our research, the best one right now is the MaHero 20700 3000MAH 40A Batteries, but you won't make be mistaken if you purchase the Sanyo - NCR20700A 20700 Flat Top Batteries as well.

How long does a 20700 battery last?

It depends on your habits as a smoker.

On average, the best 20700 batteries should last you for a couple of days, but you can go through them in a day if you're a heavy smoker.

What is the difference between 18650 and 20700?

Overall, the best 20700 batteries have larger capacities and discharge levels than the 18650's. They are used for more demanding devices, even electric vehicles.

Are 21700 batteries better than 18650?

best 20700 battery for mech

First off, 21700 batteries are larger and have more capacity. Therefore, they are slightly better, but the market is not prepared for them right now, so the 18650's are more sought out for right now. 

Still, the best 21700 batteries will bring you a lot more fighting power.

Final Thoughts - Conclusion

After we've taken everything into account, the levels of discharge of Li-Ion batteries, their capacity, structure, and public demand, it's safe to say that we can award the MaHero 20700 3000MAH 40A Battery as the best 20700 battery on the market right now, rights reserved to MaHero. The combination of features this brand offers is through the roof and astonishes the customers worldwide.

Still, you won't make a mistake by purchasing some of the best batteries rated by customers, such as the Sanyo - NCR20700A 20700 Flat Top Battery and IJOY 20700 3000MAH 40A Batteries. They all have specs that allow you to vape incessantly without worrying whether the juice will run out and leave you stranded.

All in all, these are the tools that will help you get the best out of your devices. Treat these Li-Ion batteries with care, and they will return the favor.

Please don't wait until they are sold out since they are quite rare.

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