Pushing the Limits With the Best Mechanical Mods on the Market

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Before we ease you into this topic, there is one thing to remember - mech mods are not for everyone. Moving on from less demanding mods to high-end devices is a standard convention in the vaping industry, and it’s perfectly rational to want more as time passes. However, getting involved with mech mods is undoubtedly a significant step.

They are raw devices capable of delivering almost unlimited power for vapor chasing by bypassing your setup’s limitations and allowing you to utilize the max extent of your battery. We’ll talk more about that later on, but for now, we’ve compiled a top-five list of the best mechanical mods we could find on the market currently.

Stay tuned, and after the review part, we’ll talk a bit more about mechanical mods and what to expect out of them.

Best Authentic Mech Mods Compared - Main Features


Battery Source


Resistance Range

20700/18650 Battery

80.0 mm x30.0 mm

> 0.1 ohms

20700/21700/18650 Battery

80.0 mm x30.0 mm

0.1 - 2.5 ohms

18650/18350 Battery

50.0 mm x 24.0 mm

> 0.1 ohms

18650/20700/21700 Battery

91.0 mm x 26.0 mm

0.15 - 0.6 ohms

20700/21700/18650 Battery

92.5 mm x 26.0 mm

> 0.1 ohms

Best Mechanical Mod 2020 - Our 5 Choices

Hugo Vapor Squeezer 20700 Mechanical Box MOD - Best Mechanical Mod For Cloud Chasing
  • Battery Source: 20700/18650 Battery
  • Dimensions: 80.0 mm x30.0 mm
  • Resistance Range: > 0.1 ohms

If you don't feel like going through countless mech mods online and you’re looking for the best vape mechanical mod, you can stop your search here. Let’s look at the Hugo Vapor Squeezer 20700 Mechanical Box Mod.

What is it that makes this mech mod special? 

Firstly, it’s the incredible design and the build that separates it from other mechanical mods on the market. Its shell is made from quality nylon fiber and authentic copper contacts that create a unique experience just by holding it.

Furthermore, you can bet that this high-end mech mod will satisfy your demands when it comes to power output. A single 20700 battery powers it, but you’ll also get an adapter for a 18650 battery if you prefer using it.

The minimum resistance is locked at 0.1 ohms, and you can use coils that have a higher resistance range, so you can both stealth and sub-ohm vape. You also won’t have to worry about its capacity since it’s equipped with two 10 mL bottles, which is more than enough to last you for single battery life.

It comes in four color schemes - three simplistic and one in camo that gives this vape mod a unique look. Rest assured, even though mech mods are a bit unsafe, the output you’ll get from this device will be regulated from the fire switch with safety regulations.

All in all, buying this mech mod will be the best decision you’ve made.

  • Unique design and robust build
  • E-liquid capacity
  • Nylon fiber
  • A single 18650 battery and 20700 battery
  • /

THC Tauren Mech MOD - Luxury
  • Battery Source: 20700/21700/18650 Battery
  • Dimensions: 80.0 mm x30.0 mm
  • Resistance Range: 0.1 - 2.5 ohms

Are you in need of a mechanical vape that precedes the expectations of a good and beautiful mod? Here’s the best of both worlds, the THC Tauren Mech MOD.

The first thing you’ll notice right off the bat is the design of this mech mod. 

It’s made out of copper and brass materials, and it stands out in the crown with its beautiful finish and luxurious patterns. The front side is covered with the THC logo and large “Tauren” design, but it also maintains a soft, metallic finish to it.

The top side features a ball-shaped fire button that’ll enable you to instantly fire up this mech mod and bypass the battery’s limitations. Speaking of which, you can use the 20700/21700 battery set, or you can even insert a single 18650 battery if you have one lying around. 

Of course, it has a 510 connection with both male and female ends, which makes this a hard-hitting mech mod.

This product also comes with a three-month guarantee, therefore giving you the opportunity to test it and see if it produces the right vaping experience for you.

Resistance range rests between 0.1 and 2.5 ohms, meaning you can produce powerful vapor full of flavor. It is a bit overpriced mech mod, but you won’t regret buying it in terms of efficiency.

  • Hard-hitting puffs
  • Luxury design
  • Resistance range
  • 510 connection
  • Price

Cthulhu Tube MOD - The Best Semi-Mechanical Mod
  • Battery Source: 18650/18350 Battery
  • Dimensions: 50.0 mm x 24.0 mm
  • Resistance Range: > 0.1 ohms

Vapor mech mods can be quite intimidating for beginners, especially when you factor in that raw power you get. However, how would you react if we showed you that you could get all that from a regulated mod? Here’s the Cthulhu Tube Mod.

This regulated tube mod has a cylindrical design that houses a powerful dual MOSFET chip that helps regulate the internal processes that go inside the device. However, it’s still able to dish out enormous amounts of power to get you that mod mechanical hit.

What is it that you get from regulated mods? The Cthulhu Tube Mod offers you short circuit and battery protection, which is the most prominent issue people have with even the best mech mods or hybrid mech mods. Furthermore, the chipset makes this device easy to use, and you won’t have to read up too much on mech mods.

It comes in two designs - black and stainless steel one and features a 24 mm connection, but the height varies on the model and the type of battery you’ll use - either the 18650 or the 18350. The 24 mm connection allows you to use any atomizer that fits the hole so that you won’t be limited to Cthulhu atomizers only.

The only note we have to make is the fact that compared to the previous mech box mods and their performance, this one lags behind a bit. Nevertheless, it’s a terrific product that you should undoubtedly try if you’re new to mech mods.

  • Quick firing
  • Regulated tube mod
  • Stainless steel design
  • Works with both 18350 and 18650 batteries
  • Overall performance compared to previous products

Ehpro Armor COD 21700 Semi-Mech MOD - Safe Vaping
  • Battery Source: 18650/20700/21700 Battery
  • Dimensions: 91.0 mm x 26.0 mm
  • Resistance Range: 0.15 - 0.6 ohms

Up next is another semi-mechanical tube mod that is neither expensive nor hard to use. Let’s see what the Ehpro Armor COD 21700 Semi-Mech Mod is all about.

It’s the same story as with the previous tube mod. Since mech mods can be intimidating for some, the manufacturers behind this line of devices made sure to include various protections, such as overheat, short circuit, weak battery, and reverse battery protection.

By using this device, you’ll get a similar experience as you would with a full mech, but you’ll also be safe with all the regulations.

Its minimum atomizer resistance is set to 0.1 ohms, meaning you can practice massive cloud vaping at high or low voltages. This vape also has an oversized firing button with a display that allows you to read the voltage as you set it and vape.

Its tube-shaped design comes in five different color schemes - stainless and blue hauberk, black, gunmetal, and stainless steel. Also, it’s best to use it with a 20700/21700 battery, but it also comes with a single 18650 battery adapter, which will provide you with enough power to use the full extent of this tube mod.

We could tell the only flaw is the low performance when you’re using it at 40 amps because the self-protection safeguards kick in. On the one hand, it’s a good thing, but if you’re looking for a high-quality session, full mech mods will give you that. Other than that, it’s an excellent device for beginners who are still not ready for a box mod or a full mech mod.

  • Minimum atomizer resistance
  • Supports multiple batteries
  • Oversized fire button with display
  • Regulated mod
  • Low performance at 40 amps

THC Tauren Smart Mech MOD - 2-in-1
  • Battery Source: 20700/21700/18650 Battery
  • Dimensions: 92.5 mm x 26.0 mm
  • Resistance Range: > 0.1 ohms

Finally, we have one more product to present to you, and it’s another Tauren high-quality device with a bit of innovation. Let’s see what the THC Tauren 2-in-1 Smart Mech MOD has to offer.

In essence, this is a standard smart mod, meaning that it’s regulated by an advanced -X- chipset that offers similar safeguards as the previous devices. However, the trick lies in removing the chipset and using this vape as a standard mech mod.

Like the previous Tauren device we reviewed, this one also features a ball fire key that provides high conductivity to the 510 hybrid connection. If you were to opt-out to use this hybrid as a smart mod, you’d insert a single 18650 battery and get all the power you need. However, the full mech mod will require either the 20700 or 21700 for massive power output.

You’ll need a standard 510 pin, but remember that you have a hybrid 510 connection for your atomizer and battery.

This hybrid mech mod comes in multiple color schemes, and the customer favorite seems to be the copper black and brass black. There’s no going wrong with this mech mod, except you’ll have to invest a bit in feeling all the features we’ve discussed.

Other than that, it would be best if you tried it out.

  • Power output
  • Hybrid features and quality
  • Safety regulations with the -X- chipset
  • Hybrid 510 connection
  • Expensive

How to Find the Best Mech Mod on the Market - Buyer’s Guide

1. What is a Mechanical Mod?

Before we go deeper into mechanical mods’ territory and their best features, we should probably make a couple of observations about what mechanical mods are.

In layman terms, mechanical mods are vaping products that are capable of delivering the full extent of your battery by bypassing the limitations imposed by the chipset or built-in resistance. Generally, it’d consist of positive and negative contacts at the top and the spring-loaded switch (button) at the bottom.

In terms of design, they are generally seen in tube-shaped forms, but newer generation mechanical mods come as box mods due to their popularity.

Also, it features a 510 threading that serves as a bridge between the atomizer and the battery or the mod. By connecting the male and female sides, raw battery powered is diverted into powerful vapor.

2. Regulated or Unregulated Mechanical Mod?

People often try mechanical mods because they give them the opportunity to test out the maximum extent of their battery and, therefore, vape at a significant level. They manage to do this by having unregulated voltage and wattage due to lack of the chipset.

However, some mechanical mods do feature a chipset that offers a bit of regulation and safety, but they still manage to imitate the strength that comes from a real mech mod.

In essence, you can try the semi-mechanical, regulated mods to learn how to vape at greater strength, and then you can move on to unregulated mechanical mods.

3. What is the Best Battery for Mechanical Mods?

best mechanical mods

Firstly, you’ll want to buy your battery from a verified manufacturer to make sure everything goes smoothly, especially if you’re using an unregulated mechanical mod.

Secondly, the best capacity for mech mods come from 20700 and 21700 batteries, but you’ll make do with a quality 18650.

Some mechanical box mods come with a dual battery setup, but they are often regulated, and therefore not as strong as single-battery, unregulated mechanical mods.

4. Box Mod vs. Mechanical Mod

As we mentioned, some box mods can be treated as mech mods, but they generally have chipsets that monitor the processes in the devices and therefore deliver less raw power.

On the other hand, mechanical mods can be dangerous, especially if you don’t know how to handle them, so our advice is - start with a standard box mod and when you’ve familiarized yourself with the internals of advanced vaping mods, move on to mechanical mods.

5. How Much Should You Pay for a Mech Mod?

best mechanical mods

Price is also a vital aspect that you should pay attention to before buying a new mechanical mod. All the features that come from using it generally imply investing more money as time passes - you’ll need e-liquid, coils, a new battery, etc.

Due to the rareness of their presence on the market, they can be quite expensive, which is why you should think carefully before buying the first $100 mechanical mod you set your eyes on. 

Also, they have beautiful designs, which is where you could cut your costs by purchasing an “ugly” device that comes for a fairer price.

6. What is the Best Coil Build for a Single 18650 Mechanical Mod?

There are different coil builds you can try for a 18650 mechanical mod since they are so diverse and offer you plenty of opportunities to experiment. We recommend wrapping a 24 ga wire around a 3.5 mm mandrel.

If you set the resistance to 0.3 ohms, you’ll get a nice mouth to lung hit.

Best for

Product Name


Best Mechanical Mod For Cloud Chasing

Hugo Vapor Squeezer 20700 Mechanical Box MOD


THC Tauren Mech MOD

The Best Semi-Mechanical Mod

Cthulhu Tube MOD

Safe Vaping

Ehpro Armor COD 21700 Semi-Mech MOD


THC Tauren Smart Mech MOD

Final Thoughts - Summary

As you can see, the best mechanical mods have a lot of things that separate them from the average, and since they’re so rare in today’s market, it might seem like an impossible task to find the right one.

However, after compiling this list, using, and reviewing each mech mod, we can safely say that the best one we could find is the Hugo Vapor Squeezer 20700 Mechanical Box MOD.

It gets its raw strength from the single 20700 battery without a chipset regulating the power output. When you combine that with its box mod design, beautiful color schemes, price, and features, you get the best mechanical mod in 2020.

Still, suppose you’re not that thrilled about advanced, unregulated mechanical mods. In that case, you can try the chip-monitored Ehpro Armor COD 21700 Semi-Mech MOD that manages to deliver power and protect you at the same time. And if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, the THC Tauren 2-in-1 Smart Mech MOD is there to pave the way to mechanical greatness.

All in all, mechanical mods are undoubtedly worth the trouble, and you won’t regret trying them out after you’ve familiarised yourself with mods.