Best Vape Mod Reviews

How does a vaper describe a vape mod? It is different from an e cig or an eGo in that a mod is modifiable; adjustable. You might also hear it referred to as an Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV). Get beyond your image of a variable voltage battery and think about high-watts and low ohms.

APVs are box shaped or cylindrical. These are powerful items featuring more wattage than a Spinner and capable of vaping at very low resistance, even sub-ohms. Here are the top vape mods you might have tried or should consider for 2016.

Top Box Mods Of 2016

You can own box mods that fire at up to 150 watts or pink ones that are attractive with party clothing. There are sporty box mods to match workout gear and industrial-looking devices that don’t win style awards but are surely powerful. All of them are smaller than their pictures or their power suggest. Which ones became classics this year, synonymous with the very words “box mod?” Here’s the top devices.

Joye eVic VTC Mini

Joyetech eVic VTC Mini Starter Kits

The 60W eVic temperature control mod is beautiful in yellow, white, or black with a contrasting racing stripe on each. Inside is a 5000-mAh battery and a tiny control panel which regulates this mod to operate in TC or VW modes. The eVic VTC will operate with Titanium or Nickel as well as regular VW coils to a low of 0.05 ohms.

Fire it up at the raised circular button and change speed using a dial at the top. Not only does this Joyetech mod look different from the competition, but it’s got the backing of Joyetech’s good name going for it as well. It looks like a race care but costs far less.

Buy the eVic:


Sigelei 150W TC

Sigelei 150 watt tc colors

Interestingly, the box shape is only a rough guide. Most mods adapt geometric regularity in favor of ergonomics, like this one. The battery side is rounded for handheld comfort and also a little higher than the other side, like a gun without a barrel if you turned it sideways. Sigelei offers the 150W TC (temperature control) in 5 colors, though, and who ever saw a baby blue pistol? The lowest resistance is 0.1 ohms if you attach a TC coil to your high-tech atomizer. Control wattage or switch to TC mode with a limit of 572F. Your list of potentially compatible atomizers is virtually limitless from a technical perspective, but those colors should guide your selection just a little. A Kanger Subtank Nano in black is attractive.

Kanger Subox Nano

Kangertech SUBOX Nanos

Starter kits with the matching tank (colored caps and drip tips) are inexpensive though not especially high-powered relative to many offerings here. The range is 7 to 50 watts. If you were a new vaper this would seem a lot and is, in fact, plenty for most advanced vapers. The Nano can be charged directly via the USB port below your up/down buttons for pass-through vaping/charging. Kanger’s reputation is outstanding.

Aspire Pegasus

aspire pegasus mods

Aspire makes a classy vape mod, you have to agree, especially tanks. Their CF mod wasn’t trendy or exciting, but they hit the threading-well pin on the head with the Pegasus. It’s a 70-watt device, subtly shiny, with a raised firing button and a dial instead of buttons for changing volts or watts. You charge this one using the little port and a cable, included in your package. Kits for the Pegasus come with a Triton tank and are known as “Odyssey” sets in keeping with the mythological theme of many Aspire vaping series (Atlantis, Nautilus, etc).

iStick TC40W

istick tc40ws

When you look for one package containing style, performance, and temperature control, the iStick has it all. Eleaf makes mods in several power ranges (10 watts and up) but their 40-watt TC is a good buy and attractive to boot. Reach sub-ohm levels of 0.05 if you have a tank that is versatile enough for the job. You will want to attach an atomizer that comes with an RBA deck so you can build your own coils from the metal of your choosing (Ni200 or Titanium). Your temperature range is 200F to 600F, 1W to 40W output as seen on an OLED screen. One rounded side fits neatly in your palm while the other features all of your controls including stylish triangular buttons for variety.

JoyeTech eVic VT

evic vts

Combine affordability with racing style and excellent vaping and what do you get? The JoyeTech eVic VT: it’s a beautiful vaporizer and a big change from the usual eVic style. Joye manufactures their most recent eVic model in several colors, including orange, each with a big stripe down the side. Use a 0.05-ohm Ni200coil, Titanium (for Variable Temperature mod), or an ordinary NiChrome variety if you are operating in Variable Wattage mode. The top output is 60 watts, so it’s got more punch than an iStick 40W but is less expensive than a Sigelei 150W, and who needs that much output anyway when you can vary the temperature? Joye’s device is more of an everyman-style vape mod. Besides, there is no better screen on the market. It’s big and clear despite the tiny amount of available room.

Top Vape Mods Of 2016

1. JoyeTech eVic Supreme

JoyeTech brought out a temperature control box mod called the eVic VTC, but the eVic Supreme is its predecessor. The 2100-mAh Supreme takes over where the original eVic left off, offering a totally cylindrical shape rather than a rounded top portion and a screen taking over an entire top portion. A high-tech screen is still there but with better resolution and you can upload pictures onto it. Operate the eVic at a maximum output of 30 watts or 6 volts and down to 0.5 ohms. This is a compact contender with upgradeable firmware.

Go on to the JoyeTech website and find out how to improve internal controls via computer without buying more hardware. Vapers can also use this firmware to track vaping habits like session times and output choices. The eVic Supreme is protected against short circuit, overtime, low voltage, and overheating. It is also password-protected and the crisp display will air a screen saver if left on too long.

2. Provari 3

Provape’s Provari 3 is the same shape as an eVic but with a traditional side-mounted OLED screen. It comes with an extension cap so you can add a longer battery and a self-adjusting pin allows flexibility in choosing an atomizer tank. Stainless steel will not corrode and is tough enough to handle daily knocks. Use the Onboard Troubleshooting System to find out how to resolve problems and check modes or battery power. This is an American-made e cig which is an attractive notion in a field dominated by Chinese manufacturing.

3. Tesla One

An 1800-mAh Tesla One can operate a tank at 0.1 ohms resistance or up to 3.5 ohms in a low setting, but that is unlikely to happen when your mod is regulated to hit 100 watts. The Tesla One looks so shy but is really quite outgoing in that regard. There is a 15-second cut-off timer to prevent over-vaping and overheating. The micro-USB connection lets you vape and charge simultaneously. Tesla is another trusted name much like JoyeTech.

4. JoyeTech eGo One

The makers of an eVic Supreme also bring you the eGo One, similar in shape and size to the items listed above. Its name suggests you are using an eGo battery but this is very different from the original JoyeTech eGo that started it all.

There are several sizes and colors to choose from and matching tanks to go with the battery, their external metal casing punctuated by narrow windows to show juice levels. The JoyeTech eGo One VT Battery is the most exciting part of this series because it provides 2300 mAh and variable temperature control. Use this with a VT-Ti or VT-Ni coil if you are planning to run the eGo One VT in temperature control mode. VW is fine for cheaper Kanthal coils, but your resistance level won’t be quite as low.

5. Vamo

The trustworthy and affordable Vamo is powered by two 18350 batteries or an 18650 cell and works with a variety of clearomizers. The maximum output is a dependable 15 watts or 6 volts which is good for low but not sub-ohm resistance. Build quality is always high. A top-mounted screen over three buttons lets you see your voltage, wattage, and ohms.

Vape Mods For Vapor Volume

The idea behind a vape mod is two-fold: to access more power in order to create bigger clouds when you vaporize e liquids; and to gain control over the process. When you use a cigalike or an eGo electronic cigarette, there is little or nothing you can do to control how much power is used to heat the atomizer although there are several voltage control eGos (Spinners). Small, 1000-mAh eGo batteries are only compatible with mid-level or low-ohm atomizers, not the sub-ohm styles of rebuildable tanks and dripping atomizers. Very low resistance plus high watts equals big clouds.

The Shape of Vape Mods

Boxes, cylinders, folded, and unique: there are several variations to choose from. In general, these are just stylistic choices and have little to do with performance although they can change screen and button orientation. For instance, the VaporShark mod is box-shaped with flat surfaces for a screen, etc. MadVapes makes a strange, alien-type device with lumps and bumps all over it: the Deviant. On the Innokin VV4, a pillar shape makes it easy to include a screen and buttons although they are very small. On cylinders like the iJust, the screen goes on the bottom. Kamry makes a mod resembling binoculars plus their cylinder-shaped Legend. Many devices, however, adopt a similar shape to the VaporShark with rounded edges to make them ergonomic; that is, easy to hold in your hand. Look for battery vents and make sure they aren’t placed in the same spot you would ordinarily hold your mod.

Inside a Box Mod

A vape mod can create a lot of power: from 1 watt up to 200 watts if you are operating the most powerful devices available. With power comes danger such as causing a battery to overheat and explode, short-circuiting parts, burning your lips on a hot mouthpiece, and destroying the device by putting your battery in backwards. Vaping pens and mods are now routinely made with on-board computers the size of your thumb. They control the whole system: an OLED or LED screen, wattage control, voltage control, temperature control, safety features and warnings. They read values of resistance, power, and temperature. Users can lock a device in one format or lock out young would-be vapers. While they don’t control your atomizer tank, it’s possible to regulate temperature to create plenty of vapor and excellent flavor without excessive heat.

The battery is sometimes an internal feature but could also be removable. Certain units allow you to decide between either USB recharging or battery removal. Variable watt machines are generally 510-threaded, so that is what you look for in a tank if you don’t buy a kit with a compatible tank already included and do not currently own any suitable atomizers.

Temperature Control Mods

Vape mods were formerly variable wattage devices if anything. That was up until a couple of years ago when variable wattage became popular. Vapers with variable voltage devices had to calculate the correct atomizer resistance for a given voltage value using a chart, but wattage control figured that out for you. These days, temperature control is all the rage.

Variable watt machines might be protected against overheating but they do not allow you to precisely control this value. They reduce output automatically or even shut you off for a little while. With a variable watt, temperature-controlled vape mod, you choose: select wattage and let the device figure out temperature or select temperature and allow your mod to figure out appropriate wattage. Of course, the PCB is doing all of that work anyway but you have to ask yourself which direction to approach the question from.

Only certain atomizer coils will work with temperature-controlled mods. These are titanium and nickel 200 (Ti or Ni200 when you are looking at abbreviations on vape store catalogues). These are temperature-sensitive metals which pose certain benefits. One is that your mod does not have to hit high output all the time for coils to maintain a high temperature. While traditional coils tend to burn out and leave a bad taste in your vapor, Ni200 and Ti coils burn more slowly and do not burn down to metallic ashes. They require less power and create lots of vapor without affecting the flavor so you get the best of both worlds while conserving battery power and e juice. Now you can afford to buy the good stuff.

Vape Mod Brands

The top manufacturers generally come from China, but there are some American contenders too. MadVapes makes its own line of mods, small batches which are destined to become collectible. Hana Modz is American and so is Volcano (a Hawaiian e cig firm known for their LavaTube). American devices are typically on the pricey side because you are paying American prices for materials and labor and many of these are machine made, not pumped out in a factory producing 10,000 units daily. Several brands are fitted with the top-class Evolv PCB.

Chinese units are cheaper because that is where the whole world looks for cheaply made goods. That doesn’t mean you are holding a piece of garbage in your hands but it was not hand-crafted. Moreover, Chinese manufacturing is not regulated by the same standards Americans are familiar with. That might cause some concern, but the brands listed below are tried, tested, and reliable. Buy authentic examples of their vape mods and you should be safe from malfunction and misadventure. Good names are:

• Kanger
• Sigelei
• SmokTech
• JoyeTech
• Innokin
• Eleaf
• Pioneer4You

There are others; the list could be a lot longer, but you have your work cut out just sifting through catalogues from these companies. Kanger has been focusing on small handheld devices for a long time and they also make excellent tanks. Smok’s Bluetooth-compatible series launched vape mods into a new era of remote access and control via cell phone. JoyeTech’s eGrip introduced a one-piece mod with tank and power combined for relatively low output but greater convenience and stealthier profile. Eleaf released some of the smallest, cutest mods for vapers who like color, stealth, and a light touch to vaping.