Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews

The year 2016 was a big one for the vapor industry and consumers are revving up for whatever new tech 2016 has in store. Only R&D departments know for sure what the best electronic cigarettes will look like in 2017, but for now we can review the top 10 e cig brands of the past year. They all have something in common: build quality. Another feature of the best brands is top notch customer service. Finally, each company listed here is based in the United States.

Vaporfi Brand1. Vaporfi

Vaporfi of Miami, Florida, is once again the best e cig company overall.

The company’s Express mini cig isn’t better than the G6 or V2 Cigs Classic but other products are exciting. If you develop a taste for vaporizing tech and wish to graduate, you can do so with Vaporfi, going all the way to “advanced” level.

There’s the Rocket, the Vice, and their Vox II mod. Top it all off with three series of e juice and Vaporfi has it all.

What more do you want? Products are modern, slick, and easy to use. Vaporfi is constantly assessing their catalogue. Items come and go and I don’t think they are done innovating just yet.

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JUUL Logo2. Juul

No other e cig takes the unique shape of a Juul from PAX Vapor. It’s so tiny and also not cigarette-shaped at all, yet there is no lighter e cig in the hand.

Vapor is said to be more satisfying and flavor more authentic than with any other e juice vapor. A light on one side indicates how strong your battery is throughout the day so you know when to recharge at your laptop.

That only takes an hour which tells you this isn’t the longest-lasting of batteries, but the low price of a kit makes it affordable to own a spare.

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V23. V2 Cigs

Nothing much has changed in the past several months at V2 Cigs except their website and we would love for them to keep it that way. Why alter your course when it’s going so well?

Their stylish EX batteries and cartridges have caught on with vapers. The Pro Series 3 and 7 make vaping more flexible than ever.

Their Classic battery, however, still attracts attention from newbies. You don’t need flashing lights and fancy patterns: just a system that satisfies, and V2 products do that remarkably well.

There are more starter kits here than almost anywhere. Their 12 e liquid flavors are available pre-filled or by the bottle. We love the versatility of their catalogue which includes disposable and USB cigs.

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White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes4. White Cloud

They don’t serve up the same versatility with eGos and mods, but White Cloud does a good job in the mini-cig category.

Of particular note is their Fling disposable e cig. No other company makes as many different flavors of one-time electronic cigarettes.

This award-winning firm has a lot to say about vaping: their website is educational and readable. They also promote a positive working atmosphere and create a clean-looking product.

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southbeachsmoke5. South Beach Smoke

Pricing still needs to undergo an overhaul, especially in the cartomizer department, but you can’t fault South Beach Smoke where style and variety are concerned.

Their High-Drain mini cig batteries are among the industry’s best, and 16 flavors let you experiment with e juice even before you opt for one of their 4 vaporizers with tanks.

What I would like to see are blank cartomizers so vapers can save money and experiment even if they don’t buy a Storm or Curve, two of their attractive vape pens.

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halo6. Halo

A few months ago Halo launched advanced devices: the Reactor and Tracer.

For a long time it appeared they would stick with the G6 mini cig and Triton tank system. They’re both great products, but launching these two new ones was a risk worth taking.

They look fabulous and, filled with one of the best brands of e juice around, you can’t go wrong. Halo’s customer service and attractively colored products make vaping cool.

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They don’t get the credit they deserve at NJOY where they really revolutionized vapor.

Their flavors and strengths closely emulate the smoking experience.

NJOY makes mini cigs and vaporizers, disposables, and the Artist Collection Premium E Liquid.

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777ecigs8. 777

Triple Seven of Nevada emulates Vaporfi and other companies branding multiple e cig styles.

They also take a note out of V2’s book by creating attractive women’s e cigs worth stuffing in a stocking or presenting as a Valentine’s Day gift. Pricing, choice, and flavor variety are all excellent.

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9. Green Smoke

E cigs from Green Smoke are consistently well made which is why they make it to the top ten every year. They have been with us almost from the start and haven’t changed that much.

While companies like Halo and V2 Cigs were designing advanced devices, Green Smoke decided to remain true to their original plan, bringing a greener option to smokers.

They continue with a recycling program that inspired the few other brand-related recycling offers and they even reward customers with extra loyalty points for being environmentally conscious. Instead of creating 40 different flavors they concentrate on 7, delivering triple-sealed, fresh tasting e juice to your door every time.



10. Apollo

Whereas Green Smoke has avoided the commotion around advanced vaping, Apollo took the opposite direction. Their mini cig starter kits were among the best around but for more than a year they have been concentrating on Kanger-style kits and tanks.

The Extreme Kit and disposables are still around, both at great prices, but they have also graduated to advanced equipment. They have also made improvements to their batteries.

You can buy everything from an eGo Box (shaped like a box mod but less intimidating) to the Ohm Go kit styled after the JoyeTech eGo One. It’s a 50W self-adjusting device with a 3-ml tank. Their e juice is good too. Apollo is going from strength to strength.



Electronic Cigarettes in Review : From Beginner To Advanced

Electronic cigarettes have been a revelation to smokers who fiercely defend the industry and their choice to vape in the face of public criticism and potential government interference. While a less emotional response might be to weigh up the pros and cons of vaping, for ex-smokers and their families there are only pros. Smoking was killing them; e cigs saved their lives. Here is what you need to know about e cigs if you think the electronic revolution could be for you.

Eversmoke BatteryE Cigs, Cigalikes, and Mini Cigs

All of the terms above refer to a particular type of device: a small electronic cylinder consisting of a battery and a chamber full of e juice. An atomizer situated deep inside takes power from the battery, becomes hot then directly heats e liquid inside the chamber.

The result is vapor production which a “vaper” inhales. He can either inhale to create the vaporizing effect or press a button to begin heating resulting in almost instant vapor.

What is Vapor?

Electronic cigarette vapor is created from a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and nicotine. These form a liquid which is not safe for drinking but safe for inhalation. It replicates some of the flavor and aroma of cigarettes while also delivering nicotine.

Flavors are usually only vaguely related to those of cigarettes, pipes, or cigars because tobacco is not used in the making of these e juices. Without cigarette ingredients, a lot of the nastiness is missing too. It can take some time to get used to these flavors. Disposable versions of e cigs are mostly sold in menthol or tobacco varieties, contain lots of nicotine, and serve as an introduction to the method.

Rechargeable Devices

A disposable can only be used once and is probably good for a few hours of constant puffing. A rechargeable device, however, could last for 300 charges or a few months if you look after it and aren’t a chain smoker. The battery plugs into a USB charging source when it dies or can be attached to a USB-AC system; possibly even a car-charging adapter that works with the cigarette lighter in your car (many cars come with more sophisticated USB chargers built in as well).

There are charging packs for maintaining power on the road when there isn’t a place to plug chargers in. Batteries for mini cigs usually only operate for up to 5 hours, but that’s a lot. You’re better off expecting 3 to 4 hours from a good quality battery like South Beach Smoke or the Halo G6.

Eversmoke cartridgesRefill Cartridges

While a disposable doesn’t come apart for refilling or recharging, a rechargeable device separates into two parts: battery and cartridge. The cartridge contains about 1 ml of e liquid.

You can buy them already filled at a cost of around $2 per cartridge on average or purchase blank cartridges which you refill. Pre-filled items are usually available in multiple versions of tobacco and menthol plus several gourmet flavors like cherry, chocolate, or vanilla.

As you experiment with refilling your own little tanks, there are more flavors to choose from and you don’t have to stick with the brand of e cig battery you buy. Just be sure not to purchase e juice with a lot of vegetable glycerin which will clog low-tech atomized cartridges (also known as cartomizers). Firms are making e juice to taste like peanut brittle, egg custard, and fruit gum.

Next Batteries

As you become accustomed to refilling cartridges and recharging batteries, you might long for a system that lasts longer. Mini cigs look and feel more like real cigarettes but eGos are bigger and their power lasts longer.

They produce more and warmer vapor and are compatible with higher-quality clearomizers. As you enter this phase of vaping, there are many advantages: the lower cost of batteries and clearomizers which can be used for longer and charged less frequently; the lower cost of e juice as opposed to pre-filled cartridges; and more flavorful vaping.

Egos are still basic e cigs as far as technology is concerned. You have to press a button but users don’t require technical knowledge to operate them. The power isn’t daunting. APVs, however, take you into another phase.


Advanced Personal Vaporizers don’t just operate at the push of a button. There are options; ways to customize the system. You might choose voltage or wattage, even temperature. Tanks might come with airflow control. An LED display shows your atomizer resistance, wattage, voltage, battery level, and possibly puff count.

These devices are not necessarily huge compared with an eGo but they could be a little bigger and are certainly more expensive. The battery is potentially a separate part. Tanks come with replaceable coil heads so you have to learn how to take them out and put a new one in. It’s possible you could be building your own coils at this point but not necessary as many advanced systems come with pre-built coil heads in multiple resistance options.

Box Mods

These are all the rage: powerful devices which adopt an angular shape but are still very small. Usually the tank is a separate item although some (like the eGrip by Joye) are all-in-one devices. A mod is a long way from an e cig. It’s got on-board safety features to protect against overheating and overcharging. Some mods reach 200 watts. Battery power is greatly increased. Vape mods are compatible with sub-ohm values sometimes as low as 0.05 ohms: nothing like your first disposable e cig.

Best E Cigarette Brand 2017

As stated earlier, we’ve spent a lot of time analyzing the space and looking for pro’s and con’s with every e cigarette / vapor brand on the planet.  For our money, the most well rounded brand is VaporFI.  If you are looking for a top tier e cig brand that offers the following, you’ll see why we are so impressed with their offers.

  1. They offer EVERYTHING from two piece (old school) e-cigs to the most advanced mods and vaporizers.
  2. They offer more e juice flavors than anyone.
  3. They offer a retail presence that continues to grow.  Nobody else in this space has the online reach plus retail reach that VaporFi has.
  4. Reputation.  They are owned by the International Vapor Group, a well respected pioneer in the industry.
  5. Management team.  The ownership group has been behind some highly innovative brands.  VaporFi is no different.
  6. Brand Awareness.  The company routinely works with charity events and works as a headline sponsor in events like MMA.
  7. Quality.  They offer high quality devices and e juice.  Need we say more?
  8. Customer service.  Look high and low for customer service complaints.  You won’t find any because they are a service first business.
  9. Ships worldwide.  Order with confidence from anywhere.
  10. Constant dedication to improving the product.  You’ll see from time to time they upgrade devices and move on from stale technology.

Our media coverage has helped create awareness for this brand.  In exchange, they’ve given our readers a 12% off coupon.  Use the coupon code below at any time to take advantage of the incredible savings offered.

As the best electronic cigarette brand, they offer MUCH more than just e-cigs.  Be sure to check out their trending juice products.  They are always on the forefront of technology and routinely outdo themselves.