Eliminating the Dangers of Smoking in Society

Hi, I’m Tim Schmidt.  Please watch the brief video below to learn more about me as well as learn some facts about second hand smoking.

I was asked to join this website and be the spokesperson for Kids Live Smoke Free, and to be honest, I was quite honored that they would think of me to get behind this movement.  As a father to a ten year old son, I know first hand the dangers in second hand smoke that can really hurt our children and put them in risk of long term illness and disabilities.

Several years ago, I started researching the electronic cigarette and vapor products.  At first, I have to admit, I was skeptical.  I didn’t really think that such a life changing product would be something you’d find in a mall kiosk.  Fast forward a few years, and I had more or less written off these devices as the latest “Fad” product that went bust, when I received a phone call from a friend who had recently quit smoking entirely simply by switching to vapor products.

My mind was blown, and as someone with a history of cancer in the family, I immediately regained interest in this product and the ensuing opportunity to spread the message of how we can essentially foster a lifestyle that will help alleviate our children from the many dangers of second hand smoke.  While long term research isn’t available yet, I will always point to the fact that there is no combustion, nor tar nor tobacco, involved in any e cigarette device or vapor pen.  Furthermore, the amount of harmful toxins in the average traditional cigarette involves about 4,000 chemicals on average, while the typical vapor cigarette involves under 10.  I rest comfortably at night knowing that my efforts in marketing these products online and being an advocate for our children to live a life that includes not even thinking about smoking tobacco products can make a big difference in society.

By all means I’m not pushing children to smoke vapor products – these products are not intended for minors and that’s not the message I’m trying to spread.  I’m trying to simply force adult minds into choosing vapor instead of tobacco, and essentially helping our environment in addition to our overall health.  If I can get one person at a time to make the switch to vapor, the world will become a better place and our environment will be more sustainable.

Think about your situation.  Think about those around you.  Do children really deserve to have the smell, odor, and inherent dangers of tobacco products around them?  Do they deserve to be around second hand smoke?

The answer is obvious.  It’s a resounding NO.

Our children deserve better.

Our environment deserves better. 

This website was set up to increase awareness about the latest alternative, called electronic cigarettes, e cigarettes, vaporizers, and many other slang names that are coined as this budding industry evolves.  Don’t worry, the subsequent pages on this website are designed to educate you and help you better understand how these products work in addition to showcasing the top products our various contributors recommend.

One at a time, we can make a difference.  Please share our message by sharing this website on any social platform of your choice.


Tim J. Schmidt

clean environment

Let’s create an environment free of nasty second hand smoke. One butt at a time!


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